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Block of Flats Insurance

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No claims discount
Let properties acceptable at no additional premium
Fixtures and fittings included as standard
Employers and building owners liability included
Most tenant types acceptable
Terrorism cover available

Blocks of Flats Insurance

There are many situations when you may need to organise a quote for block of flats insurance or block of flats building insurance.

This might apply if you are a freehold owner of a block of flats (or own a share of the freehold or are joint freeholders), a director of a Right to Manage Company (RTM), or a property manager.

The type of building you own may also vary, from a converted house to a large, purpose-built block of flats or converted warehouse.

Not only that, but your building may be “unusual” in that it isn’t of standard construction or something else.

Whatever your circumstances, if you require block buildings insurance, then we can help you find the most appropriate and cost-effective insurance for you.

Our block of flats insurance policy can be used to cover the buildings of your property as well as the fixtures and fittings.


Block of flats insurance for all types of properties

We have a wide range of insurers providing cover, including but not restricted to: AXA, Aviva, Ageas and Zurich. The plans we have available can be used to provide block of flats insurance cover for:

  • Purpose-built flats or apartments.
  • Converted blocks of flats or apartments.
  • Mixed residential and commercial blocks.


What is block of flats insurance?

Block of flats insurance does what it says on the tin. It is designed to provide protection from a wide range of events, whether you require landlord insurance for a block of residential rental properties or blocks of commercial properties.

We provide block policies to cover apartment blocks, blocks of flats and commercial properties.

We also provide cover for landlords who want to insure a portfolio of properties on the same policy (this is known as block buildings insurance or property portfolio insurance).

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What does buildings insurance for flats cover?

This may vary depending on your insurance provider. Generally, it covers the structure of your property against several risks that typically include damage or loss caused by flood, fire, storm, theft and subsidence (not all insurance policies cover the latter as standard).

The landlords’ public liability element of the policy typically includes cover against claims from someone who has suffered loss or damage while on your premises or in your building.

In addition to the basic buildings insurance, a block policy can include employers’ liability cover for domestic and maintenance employees.

Importantly for leaseholders, it should also provide cover for fixtures and fittings (things such as bathrooms, fitted kitchens and wardrobes).

If the property is let, the policy can include loss of rent cover and rent guarantee. 

Block buildings insurance or landlord building insurance is usually based on a standard building insurance contract. The perils covered will be almost identical to a standard policy.

However, the insurer will note that the property is tenanted and will therefore include specific additional covers and restrictions in the policy wording.


Block of flats contents cover

We can offer cover for contents in common areas, such as shared halls and landings. If required, landlord insurance can also cover the contents that you provide to your tenants, such as furnishings and carpeting.


Do I need blocks of flats insurance?

If you have a mortgage on your block of flats, then it may typically be a condition of your mortgage agreement that you have block of flats buildings insurance in place. This is to protect your financial interests in the property.

Even if the property is not mortgaged, you should consider how you would pay for any costs if you didn’t have insurance in place.

In the worst-case scenario, could you afford to take the financial hit if your building was destroyed or one of your tenants claimed against you for loss or damage?


What about freeholder building insurance for flats?

If you own the freehold of a block of flats, then typically you will be responsible for insuring the building using freeholder buildings insurance.

You may also be responsible for the maintenance and service of the building, which are not covered by your block of flats insurance.


Can I insure more than one block of flats under a policy?

Yes. At UKinsuranceNET, we are pleased to provide cover for a portfolio of properties.

The benefits of having a block building insurance policy include: significant discounts, reduced administration, and common renewal dates if several properties are insured under the same policy.


Why choose UKinsuranceNET for block of flats insurance?

We have an excellent relationship with many of the large UK insurers. We are also privileged to have been granted “Delegated Authority” status with many UK insurance companies.

This means that we can tailor our block insurance plans specifically to meet the needs of the property investor, freeholder or Right to Manage Company (in the case of flats or apartments).

We have obtained schemes specially tailored to suit block policies and often provide cover that is not included in a standard policy.

Unlike many other insurance providers’ policies, ours automatically give cover for fixtures and fittings.