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We offer insurance from some of the leading insurers in the world.



The name may be new, but Ageas can in fact trace back its roots to the early part of the 19th century. Ageas remains one of the relatively few insurers offering its products entirely through brokers.

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You might be forgiven for thinking that the modern-sounding Aviva name applies to a brand-new company - after all the moniker first saw the light of day as recently as 2002.

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It's the 102 million or so customers and 160,000 employees that make this insurer one of the biggest in the world and a global concern.

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Covea Insurance

Drawing on its experience both in the UK and France, Covéa now aims to continue marketing its home and motor insurance products, together with packages and specially tailored offerings.

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Ecclesiastical Insurance Office currently trades as Ecclesiastical Insurance and its origins – self-evidently – lie in the provision of insurance for churches and other property owned by the Church...

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Just as the name suggests, E Underwriting is a company set up with the specific aim of trading insurance products online, with delegated authority from an insurer to underwrite insurance policies.

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Lexelle Limited

Established in 1996 and trading as an insurance wholesaler. It is based in Sheffield and employs a professional team of staff with expertise and experience across a wide cross-section of insurance.

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Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited

The company was founded in Liverpool in 1843 as a friendly society with the principal aim of allowing the poor to save for their own funeral arrangements...

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Lloyd's of London

Lloyd’s (of London) occupies something of a unique position – it is not an insurance company in itself, but rather a market place in which a large number of insurance underwriters work.

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More Than

The history of British insurance seems to be characterised by the merger, acquisition and amalgamation of established insurers. The history of More Than is no exception - the brand name has only...

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NIG insurance - new guise for established names

The National Insurance and Guarantee Corporation Ltd - or NIG as it is popularly known - embodies on the principal characteristics of the insurance industry in the UK. Company names and ownership...

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Canopius is a brand name for Canopius Managing Agents Limited who are one of the top ten managing agents at Lloyd’s writing premiums in excess of £1 billion.

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