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Second Home Insurance

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Second Home Insurance

I want to insure my second home. It is used only as a holiday home

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I want to insure my second home. It is mainly unoccupied

Let Property Insurance

I want to insure my second home. It is currently let


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Second Home Insurance

In order to enjoy all the pleasures of second home ownership, you also need to give thought to insuring the property.

This might prove a little more involved than it first appears, since second home insurance is typically complicated by two principal differences to standard home building and contents insurance when you are the permanent owner occupier.

Why do you need second home insurance?

Specialist second home insurance is generally needed because, unlike your principal place of residence:

  • it is likely to stand empty and unoccupied for appreciable periods of time; and
  • many owners take advantage of the opportunities represented in owning a holiday home to earn a little extra income by temporarily letting it out from time to time.

For both of these reasons, the risks faced by your second home may be different in their nature and extent than those encountered in your main place of residence, which is rarely left unoccupied for any length of time and which is not let to tenants.

What do you need to know when buying cover?

What you need to know when buying cover is that the special risks to which your holiday home may be exposed are adequately covered.

Just some of these risks are likely to include:

  • protection of the building and its contents against such potentially major events as fire, flooding, escape of water, storm damage, impacts, vandalism and theft – incidents which might lead to the total loss of your holiday home and therefore call for cover which allows a total reconstruction;
  • public liability insurance – since property owners already have a duty of care towards their neighbours, but in the case of a let second home this might also extend to your liabilities towards guests and their visitors;
  • alternative accommodation – if the worst comes to the worst and a major insured incident leaves your holiday home temporarily uninhabitable, second home insurance may also provide alternative accommodation of a similar standard or financial compensation for your loss of use.

Why choose us?

Thanks to our expertise and experience of the market, at UKinsuranceNET we have access to a unique range of insurance products for second or holiday homes.

That understanding helps us to match your particular, individual needs and circumstances as such a property owner with suitable products on the market – products which it might be difficult to find if you are conducting a search whilst relying only on your own knowledge and resources.

Our expertise is designed to help you secure the cover you need at the most competitive rates – aiming to save you money on an essential aspect of holiday home ownership.

Added to that, we are able to secure favourable discounts based on your claims free record and, if you are in the fortunate position of owning more than one holiday home, further discounts on cover for more than one property.


Second home insurance is therefore likely to be an essential consideration once you own such a property – and we are here to help you find it, at a competitive market rate.