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11 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

spider web
25 September 2015

By UKinsuranceNET In Home Improvement

We’ve all heard different stories- Spiders invading homes- Spiders as big as mice found- People being bitten by spiders- Spiders being imported from abroad.

Some of us, just don’t like spiders. As the weather gets colder spiders and other pests will try and keep warm in your home and if you really want rid of them- here’s a few natural ideas.

Lady Birds– If you have ladybirds in your garden then you’re in luck. With these insects living outside of your house, it’s less likely that spiders will try and come in.

Spider Spray– Most people don’t want to end the life of a creature just because it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can get natural spider spray for areas in your house that spiders are likely to emerge. Spray the repellent in the corners of your bathroom or windowsills to stop them taking up residence.

Peppermint Oil– Peppermint oil isn’t only good for keeping spiders away, but also other pests too. Every cringed while eating a piece of chewing gum? Peppermint is strong and pests don’t like to too much either.

Cleanliness– Spiders will find a home in almost anything. Little nooks and crannies in your home are perfect for spinning a web between. Try not to pile up boxes or books that they will create their cobwebs between.

Pets– Cats and dogs like to play with almost anything. They’re great for chasing spiders and pests away and also great companions.

Outdoors– Spiders are more likely to come into your home if they’re already living nearby. By clearing up any leaves or shrubs that they have been living in during the Summer, they won’t get chance to wander into your home.

Cedar– Like peppermint, the smell of cedar is strong to creatures like spiders. You can place cedar wood in or outside your home to repel pests.

Citrus-Again, citrus fruits are strong to humans, and so very strong to spiders. Anything like an Orange or Lemon peel can be left around the house to repel them, but don’t forget to replace them before they go mouldy!

Conkers– This is an old wives tale that works. Experts say that the only explanation is that Conkers contain a chemical that spiders hate.

Cracks– Check your home for cracks. Not only will maintaining the structure of your house be good for stopping spiders getting in, but it is a requirement from your property insurance.

Oils– Just like the Citrus and Peppermint, there are plenty of natural oils that spiders hate and a lot of us have them in our cupboards. You can try- Lavender, Tea Tree, Rose, Eucalyptus and anything else that is quote strong.

But let’s not forget, spiders are very solitary creatures, they don’t want to come into contact with you as much as you don’t want to see them.

If you can bear having a spider in your home, there are actually some benefits.

Eat Pests– I don’t know about you, but I would much rather a spider hiding in the corner than a fly hovering over my lunch. Spiders will eat any other pests and stop them living in your home too.

Kill other spiders– Having one spider may not be such a bad idea… if you can cope with the one, then it should fight off any new comers.

Stop Disease– Believe it or not, by allowing a spider into your home to kill of any other pests, you’re reducing the chance of spreading disease from creatures like flies in your home.

So either way, try and think of the positives. You could treat your new friend like a pet and overcome your fear or forever run away from these little fiends.

Have you tried something that has really worked before? Or can you never seems to get rid of the spiders in your home?

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