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Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses FAQs

Rent Guarantee insurance protects the landlord’s rental income should the tenant default on their payments. The policy also includes Legal Expense cover towards the costs incurred in issuing proceedings against a tenant or guarantor.

Most types of tenant are acceptable as long as the Tenancy Agreement is directly between the landlord and tenant/s.

Yes, but you will not be covered for any claims which occur within the first 90 days of your policy.

You must insure each person named on the Tenancy Agreement. If, in the case of shared accommodation, you have an agreement with a lead tenant and no other person is named you only need to insure the lead tenant.

If you have completed a full profile tenant reference and selected a good tenant they are worth hanging on to. Ensure you maintain regular communication with your tenant, so if there are any issues they can be dealt with quickly and easily. Have a read of our article ‘How Can Tenants and Landlords Get Along‘ for more information.

You do not need to show us the references in order to purchase the policy, however these may need to be submitted in the event of a claim.

No, the tenancy agreement must be for a fixed term of no more than 12 months.

To report a claim, give UKinsuranceNET a call and we will take the initial details and we will log the claim with the insurer. They will need as much information as possible, so keep evidence such as bank statements and tenancy agreements so that you can make the claim as easy as possible. You must report the claim within 60 days of first becoming aware of circumstances which could give rise to said claim.

Under no circumstances should you instruct your own lawyer as the insurer will not pay their costs and it could invalidate your cover. Where applicable you must have issued the necessary notices informing your tenant of your intention to repossess the property.z

In the event of a claim an excess will be applicable. Please see your policy wording for more information regarding this.

You are responsible for the first month of unpaid rent and after that the maximum rent the insurer will pay is outlined in your policy document.

The levels currently available are as follows:

  • £12,000
  • £18,000
  • £24,000

The rent will be paid for the total period of 5 months and Rent Guarantee is only normally paid up until vacant possession is gained.

With regards to Legal Expenses, the most the insurer will pay for one or more Insured Events that originate from the same cause is £50,000 including the cost of appeals.

Usually the insurer chooses the appointed advisor (solicitor) however, should you wish to choose your own, you must put this request in writing to the insurer prior to appointing anyone.

Any solicitor you choose must agree to act under the insurers’ standard terms of business and must cooperate with the insurer at all times. See your policy wording for more details.

Yes, should your case reach this stage you may be requested to attend court by the legal representatives appointed by your specific insurer.

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