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Home insurance for people with criminal convictions


Save money on home insurance even if you have criminal convictions

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Home insurance for people with criminal convictions

If you have ever had any type of criminal conviction, you might be worried about arranging home insurance – after all, you may have heard about people being turned down flat for such cover because they have been convicted.

Why is that and what are your chances of securing home insurance when you have had a criminal conviction?

What is criminal convictions home insurance?

Because of the difficulties in getting home insurance with a criminal record – whether for just contents insurance for tenants or for building and contents insurance for owner occupiers – specialist insurers have developed products specifically designed to extend home insurance for ex-offenders.

In place of standard home insurance, home insurance for people with criminal convictions offers a type of non-standard insurance – available even to those with unspent criminal convictions – in which providers such as ourselves here at UKinsuranceNET specialise.

Why may you need home insurance for ex-offenders?

Any kind of insurance is about risk. Putting aside any questions of fairness, the fact is that most insurers typically consider any criminal conviction to increase the insured risk – hence the difficulty of arranging property insurance for people with criminal convictions.

Prior to April 2013, this reasoning lay behind insurers’ regarding a criminal conviction as a “material fact” – the onus was on the insured person to disclose any material fact to the insurer. Since April 2013, however, changes to the rules have meant that the onus is now on the insurer specifically to ask the insured if they want to disclose previous criminal convictions – the onus is on insurers to be clear that they are asking prospective customers the right questions.

Insurers still have the right to ask you to disclose any conviction and, if you are asked the question, your insurance may be invalid if you fail to answer it truthfully.

This is subject to an important proviso guaranteed by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, which designates prescribed convictions as “spent” after a certain number of years (depending on the nature of the crime and its penalty).

Under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, you are not required to declare any spent conviction to a potential insurer.

But that still leaves the problem of finding home insurance if you have an unspent criminal conviction. When you declare it – as you are bound to do – any application for home insurance, or landlord insurance if you own buy to let property, may be rejected. If you are a landlord, even the criminal convictions of your tenants may be taken into account when trying to arrange landlord insurance.

The answer in any of these instances of unspent criminal convictions lies with specialist home insurance for people with criminal convictions.

What does home insurance for convictions cover?

Thanks to our contacts with specialist insurers, we are able to arrange home insurance which provides every bit of cover you might expect from other forms of non-standard home insurance, namely:

Buildings insurance

  • protection of your home against such potentially serious threats as fire, flooding, impacts, escape of water, storm damage, vandalism and theft;

Contents insurance

  • protection of the contents of the property – including protection of your own personal belongings and possessions if you are a tenant – against loss or damage;

Public liability insurance

  • indemnity against public liability claims made against you as the property owner or landlord by third parties who have been injured or suffered damage to their own property through some connection with your own; and

Additional cover

  • as with other forms of non-standard property insurance, criminal convictions home insurance may also extend to other elements of cover, depending on the particular policy you choose.

Why choose us at UKinsuranceNET?

We are recognised as one of the leading independent brokers to offer bespoke standard and non-standard insurance products – including cover for people with criminal convictions – for all types of residential and commercial property.