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Jewellery Insurance

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Jewellery Insurance

Whether you bought it to wear and show off, have invested in precious stones and metal, or inherited some family heirlooms, jewellery is likely to have – often considerable – monetary and sentimental value.

Safeguarding these precious items is a matter for jewellery insurance, of course, but exactly what form is likely to be appropriate for those items you own?

Your regular home contents insurance, for instance, is likely to include cover for your personal belongings, including jewellery. But there is invariably a limit on the amount of any claim you may make for the loss or damage of any single piece of jewellery, together with a limit on the total claims you may make.

The limit for a claim on a single item of jewellery included in your standard home insurance may be as relatively low – given the likely value of certain items – as £1,000 or £2,000.

When insuring jewellery against loss or damage, therefore, you may need to consider the importance of single item jewellery insurance which provides single item cover from £15,000-£25,000.

Why do you need specialist jewellery insurance cover?

When insuring jewellery, your regular home insurance is unlikely to be sufficient, but why do you need specialist cover for your jewellery as an alternative?

One of the answers stems from the sheer diversity of different pieces of jewellery – differences in terms of value, rarity, craftsmanship and artistic design, to name just a few.

In response to this range of differences there is an equally wide choice when it comes to arranging the specialist jewellery insurance you need. To look at just a few of your choices, this might include:

  • gold insurance;

  • ring insurance;

  • watch insurance; or

  • engagement ring insurance.

These are just a few of the specifically focused jewellery insurance in the UK policies you might want to investigate – whether that is as simple as insuring your engagement ring or cover for a whole collection of valuable items of jewellery.

With your quest for any jewellery insurance in the UK – whether that is insurance for your engagement ring or insurance for jewellery in general – you might want to ensure that the protection against loss or damage is specific to the items of value you want to safeguard.

How much does jewellery insurance cost?

Because we specialise in niche insurance such as cover for jewellery, our valuables insurance is typically more cost-effective than cover that may be offered by some of the other mainstream home contents insurance providers.

As the type of cover you need is going to be as unique as the valuables you wish to insure, we will create a bespoke jewellery insurance package for you.

Why choose us at UKinsuranceNET?

If you are looking for jewellery insurance in the UK, whether that is something as relatively straight forward as insuring your engagement ring or something involving a much bigger investment in high value items of jewellery, you are likely to find that we are the experts and specialists to turn to.

You can also rest assured that our high value insurance cover policies are all 5* rated by Defaqto.

We make it our business to deliver superior service – whether you are telephoning us or making an enquiry online – and, as part of that commitment to our customers, deliver a competitively priced quote more or less immediately. Without any further obligation, you might decide to take up or to decline any such quote.

Giving you the security and peace of mind of our authorisation and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we have built up our reputation as one of the leading specialist insurance brokers in the UK. When it comes to arranging insurance for any amount of jewellery you own, you may therefore count on us.