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Renters Contents Insurance


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Renters Contents Insurance 

 If you are renting somewhere to live, what protection do you have for your belongings and possessions against the risks of theft, loss or some other damage?

Whether you have been accumulating them over some time or are just starting out and have a relatively modest collection of possessions, they may still be worth a tidy sum, be costly to repair or replace, and are likely to benefit from the protection of contents insurance.

What is room contents insurance and what does it cover?

Whether the accommodation you are renting has just one room or several, room contents insurance provides just that – insurance against loss or damage from a wide range of possible threats.

The most common risks included in contents insurance for renters include fire, explosions, flooding, escape of water, impacts, vandalism and theft, although you may opt to cover additional risks, such as accidental damage to any of your contents.

The cover is sometimes called room contents insurance, since you may calculate the total amount of insurance cover you need by adding up the values of every item you possess on a room by room basis.

Depending on the type and level of cover you choose, any claim for loss or damage may be settled on a:

  • “new for old basis” – you have enough to replace any damaged item with a completely new one); or

  • after the deduction of an allowance for “wear and tear” – where the compensation you receive reflects the depreciation in value of an item or items over time).

Why may you need renters content insurance?

Your landlord is likely to have arranged insurance for damage to the property itself, but it is your responsibility to purchase cover for all those things that you own. Renter’s content insurance is designed to do just that.

  • it may provide the protection you need when renting your accommodation in any of a wide range of possibilities (the circumstances of which may also be reflected in the type of renter’s content insurance you buy):

  • you might be renting a house or flat from your local council, a housing association or a private landlord and in any of these cases need contents insurance for tenants to protect all that you own in the property;

  • if you have bought a lease on a flat and exercised your Right to Manage (along with other leaseholders) you are already paying your share for the insurance of the structure and exterior of the building – but still need separate room contents insurance for your own possessions and belongings in the flat;

  • you might be a student, renting your own room or sharing a house with other like-minded souls, in a large block of student accommodation or perhaps occupying your own room in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) – your own renter’s content insurance is needed to protect your possessions; or

  • even if you are a lodger in someone else’s home, you may still want the protection of your own personal items that room contents insurance

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At UKinsuranceNET, we are one of the country’s leading independent brokers in the market for bespoke insurance for tenants of every type of rented accommodation.

Top rate customer service is our paramount concern and is directed to ensuring that your particular insurance needs are precisely met – at competitive market rates.

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