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Vacant Home Insurance

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Vacant Home Insurance

It's your home, you've sunk a great deal of your hard-earned cash into buying it, and you're determined to make it just the way you want it. There are times, however, when there is no one at home in even the best-loved property. And this is the time when the sensible home owner will have taken out vacant home insurance.

Vacant home insurance steps in when standard forms of home insurance tend to give up the fight. Many home owners, for example, are unaware of the probable limitations of their current buildings and contents insurance if their home is left vacant for 30 days or more. The majority of these regular insurers are likely to treat the cover as lapsed or to reduce it to the most basic FLEE (Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Escape of water) cover if the home has to be left vacant for any length of time. Omitting to tell your insurer that your property will be standing empty for some interval, therefore, can prove an expensive oversight.

Yet there are many reasons why your home is left unoccupied. Perhaps you are moving up the property ladder and have already bought your new home, but in these days of a slow-moving market still have to wait for your former home to be sold. You will have cancelled the milk and the papers and perhaps there is even a neighbour to keep an eye on things, but the fact remains that an empty property soon becomes an object of unwelcome attention from thieves, vandals and even squatters. All could wreak untold - and very costly - damage on your empty property.

But a special case in point is when you need to vacate your home for major repairs, renovation or the building of a major extension. Contractors will be working on site during the day, of course, but your home will become even more vulnerable overnight, over the weekends and during holidays. This is a period when you will not only need vacant home insurance, but also the additional protection of renovation insurance.

As the names suggest, both empty home insurance and renovation insurance are distinctly non-standard forms of insurance, specifically tailored to meet the needs of less than normal circumstances. The risks are different to those of a normally occupied dwelling and so the form of insurance cover needs to reflect those differences. The circumstances of each vacancy will be different, so home owners will be looking for the comfort and peace of mind given by a specifically tailored kind of insurance. This is the security that can be offered by specialist, empty insurance and renovation insurance.

With the latter, in particular, you will want to know that not only the existing building continues to have the protection of comprehensive cover, but that all new building works also receive the same protection. The building site will also contain many of the materials for the work in progress, together with a lot of expensive plant, equipment and tools. Your responsibility, as owner of the site, will mean that these valuable materials and equipment are adequately insured. In addition, there will be a need to insure against any losses you incur under an employer's liability for those working on the project, together with public liability for any third parties who suffer loss, injury or damage as a result of the works.

Vacant home insurance from UKinsuranceNET will provide an invaluable safeguard whenever your home needs to be left vacant for a period of time and, if the vacancy is necessary because of renovation works, then it is sensible to extend this cover to include equally specialist renovation insurance.