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Be Sure Paramedics Can Access Your Phone in An Emergency

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15 October 2015

By UKinsuranceNET In Free Guides and Checklists

We all know that smart phones are getting better and better, doing things we never thought they could, but now could they actually be saving people’s lives?

A lot of people aren’t using their phones full potential and have overlooked the iPhone’s Health App.

Apple have very kindly put this app on all iPhones with the latest IOS9 update which actually allows you to store health information in the case of an emergency. Let’s explain how it works-

Within Your IPhone you should have a little app that looks like this-

Upon opening this you will find a dashboard that actually allows you to enter all of your medical information that can allow others to administer essential medical treatment in the case of an emergency. It should look like this-

If you were to have a heart attack out of the blue in the middle of the town centre, this information is vital for ensuring you get swift treatment that could save your life.

In some cases, paramedics can’t act as efficiently as possible as they have to be cautious of allergies that could make your condition worsen. Usually you would need to be tested at the hospital before vital procedures could begin such as a blood transfusion.

But how would anyone get past the lock on my phone to see these details I hear you ask?

Ever noticed that Emergency button when you try and enter your passcode? Well it’s not just to call 999.

There is an option that allows you or medical staff treating you in an emergency to access the important information that you have put into your phone without entering the passcode.

Imagine the situation if you had a heart attack and got rushed into A & E and they did not know your history, medication or any allergies, worse still they would not even know who to contact.

By clicking this you will see a screen full of the individual’s medical information to pass onto to medical staff. You can see below how this would be displayed. The more information you enter into your app, the more will be displayed here for medical staff to act quickly.

If you should have an accident in the street that causes you back pain, this would allow paramedics to treat you quicker and contact your relatives.

They would know your blood type should you need a transfusion, your nutrition need or any allergies if you need medication.

Should you need it, your smartphone could save your life.

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