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Home Insurance Guide

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03 November 2014

By UKinsuranceNET In Free Guides and Checklists

Optional extensions of cover

Full Accidental Damage
For an additional premium, buildings and contents policies can be extended to cover full accidental damage.

Under the standard home insurance policy you can arrange additional cover to insure thing like, personal money and credit cards, food in your freezer, and pedal cycles.

New for old cover for contents
Most insurance companies offer two types of contents policy which can be arranged on either of the following basis. This can be either New-for-old, or standard cover.

All risks cover for personal possessions.

Most policies may also be extended to cover accidental damage or loss of valuable items that you frequently take out of your home.

Legal expenses cover
Legal disputes are often costly and stressful to pursue or defend. Many people are deterred from taking legal action because of the financial risk involved and the uncertainty of the outcome. This is where legal expenses insurance can often help. This type of insurance covers the legal costs involved in pursuing or defending a claim.

Emergency home assistance cover
Any domestic emergency can catch you unawares, from burst pipes to lost keys. Emergency home assistance policies offer a low cost solution to solving the problem quickly.

Tenants or Renters Insurance
Many tenants/renters do not consider their insurance needs because they are under the impression that only people that own or are buying their home need insurance. However, they need will protection for their personal possessions and also they will need liability insurance to protect them from any liability claims.

Tennants personal belongings would not be protected by the landlord’s building insurance and neither would their personal possessions be covered under the landlords’ contents insurance policy. The policies that the landlord may or may not have arranged will be for property owners insurance which only covers the actual building and any contents belonging to the landlord, but normally will not extend to cover the tenant’s possessions.

Some renters fail to insure their personal possessions because they believe insurance is too expensive, but in fact, renters insurance is typically available for as little as £70.00 a year. The landlord may not be liable if someone is injured within a rented residence. As tenants or renters then many policies will also provide some cover for your liability for damage to the building i.e. landlords fixtures and fittings.

Business Property Insurance
If you are one of the growing army of people who operate a business out of your home, then you should consider purchasing a separate business insurance policy. Purchasing a business insurance policy will protect your business property and your personal liability if someone is injured in your home due to business activities.

In addition to which then if you do not have business property insurance and your house is burgled, your homeowners’ policy will only pay a limited amount for the replacement of your business property.
You may also find that if someone for example a client is injured as a result of your business activity, in particular whilst visiting your property then you could be held liable.

Making a claim

Property claims usually occur when your home or personal possessions are damaged. This cover can extend to other possessions that you have for personal use for example a camera or laptop.

Liability claims will arise when some other person either suffers an injury or damage to their goods or property because of something you either did, or omitted to do.

Excess, this is an amount of money you are expected to pay towards each claim, typically between £50 and £100, for buildings or contents claims and up to £1,000 for subsidence claims, however, some insurers will allow you to choose to pay a higher excess, which in turn reduces the premium you will have to pay.

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