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Insurance Advice

Here you will find lots of advice regarding your insurance policy and how to be sure you understand your policy. 

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Claiming for Burst Pipes

We are more than aware of the damage caused by burst pipes and water escaping. It can happen to any of us, due to frozen water in the pipes or a faulty drain, so we all need to be prepared.

28 February 2015
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Valentines Candy

Budget Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on relationships that struggle to pay the bills every month. So what can you do to ease the strain and create an amazing Valentines gift on a budget?

12 February 2015
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Tenants Tips

Things can be stressful and confusing when you’re a tenant. There are a million reasons you don’t have a mortgage and everything you work for is going to your landlord and your bills.

15 December 2014
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How to Avoid Property Disasters

Just when you think you have got on top of everything, something can break and cause you a nightmare. As insurers we see these situations a lot and understand where the same problems keep coming up.

17 November 2014
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