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Armed forces unoccupied property insurance explained


You’ve had the call and, as ever, you are ready to swing into action. As a member of the armed forces, that call to duty may happen at any time and, more often than not, means a change of home not just for you, but your family too.

It’s your family home, so of course, you’ll want to come back to it once the current tour is done, but what becomes of the house whilst you are away? The chances are that it will stand empty and unoccupied for the duration. And that is likely to spell serious consequences for your home building and contents insurance.

Safeguarding your home

The main consequence stems from your insurer’s decision to curtail or even consider your current home insurance to have lapsed altogether. Once no one has been living in the property for 30-45 consecutive days (the precise interval varies from one policy to another), insurers typically make that decision to limit the scope and level of insurance.

That response is made in the light of what your insurer considers to be the significantly increased risks to a property that is left unoccupied, compared to a home that is lived in from one day to the next.

The vulnerabilities are many, but two examples may help to illustrate your insurer’s concerns:

  • when no one is at home, an otherwise fairly routine need for repairs or maintenance might go unnoticed when there is nobody to spot it and report it – a leaking tap or fitting, for example, might turn into a major escape of water flooding your home; and
  • an empty property acts as a magnet for all manner of undesirable attention from the likes of intruders, squatters, burglars and even arsonists.

These are just two of the reasons why your insurer is likely to downgrade - or even void - the existing cover on your home once you have been away for a month or more.

Unoccupied property insurance for the armed forces

To restore the protection that your home continues to need whilst you are away, therefore, a specialist form of insurance cover is necessary. And this need is met by purpose-designed unoccupied home insurance for military personnel.

This restores the cover you normally enjoy on your home and its contents – and just like the regular cover, the total sums insured reflect the risk of having to completely rebuild the property in the event of its total loss or to replace all of its contents.

In other words, armed forces unoccupied property insurance is a standalone form of cover which steps in to take over where your current insurance reaches a temporary end – and you may choose the level of cover you consider appropriate for your empty home.

The flexibility of unoccupied home insurance for military personnel

Unoccupied property insurance for armed forces flexibly meets the needs and uncertainties of many of your likely postings as a member of the military.

Your tours of duty may be lengthened at fairly short notice – leaving your home empty and unoccupied for longer than you had initially envisaged. So specially designed empty property insurance cover for the military remains fit for purpose by allowing you to extend the cover as and when the news of an extended tour comes through.