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Budget Valentine’s Day

Budget Valentine's Day
12 February 2015

By UKinsuranceNET In Insurance Advice

There is no doubt that we want to give the one that we love everything. Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on relationships that struggle to pay the bills every month. So what can you do to ease the strain and create an amazing Valentines gift on a budget?


I think most people agree that they don’t want the most expensive Valentine’s Day present. You could create the sweetest gift with just a pen and paper, write down how you feel about that person and make them feel special, that’s what today is about.

You could gather some photographs and create a collage or get a box and fill it with all of the things you know they love. Even if it’s a carton of juice, the fact you know what they love and have took the effort to pull this together will mean so much.


Nobody wants to be disappointed. Not doing anything can upset those who are prepared to receive nothing. You can wait for them to get in from work and be all dressed up for a home-made meal. It’s the thought that counts.

Or if you’ve planned an afternoon meal, surprise them with it. It means that the meal is a present and not just part and parcel of the day.

Starry Eyed-

Looking at the stars is one of those stereotypical cheesy dates that you see in the movies. But girls secretly love this kind of stuff. Grab a picnic and the duvet and have a drive to the middle of nowhere just to watch the stars and talk with a bottle of bubbly. I don’t think anyone could be disappointed with that.

Stay in-

There is so much you can do at home. Set the mood, cook a meal and enjoy each other’s company. You’re supposed to be celebrating your love for one another, celebrate it by just being so happy to have that person by your side and enjoy a nice night in with a bottle of wine.

The thought of a movie and a take away just sounds perfect. No fuss of trying to reserve a table, no traffic or crowded restaurants. Just the two of you, in your pyjamas, watching your favourite film and waiting for the pizza to arrive. Yum!


The best way to manage a bad situation is to laugh at it. Why not plan to write each other some cheesy lines or get them a simple gift to make you laugh?

This can be from cheap key rings that commemorate a holiday you went on or badge that expresses something you have been through. We all have our personal jokes, and the smallest items can bring these jokes to life and make your day really special.


Love vouchers are the way forward. They’re a little bit like I.O.U’s. Create your own voucher slips, and your loved one can use them when they want. From breakfast in bed or a back massage to an ice cream date and designated driver, they can be creative, brilliant and funny. You can make them as risky as you like.

All it takes is a little bit of thought and consideration and you can give somebody the best Valentine’s Day ever. I know that everyone would rather be on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, but while you save for that dream holiday, just let the person you love know that all that matters is to see them smile.

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