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Can I use home insurance for my mobile holiday caravan?

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The simple answer is “no” - you may not use standard home building and contents insurance for your mobile holiday caravan. And here’s why.

Your mobile holiday caravan

It is your home away from home for holidays and other occasional escapes, but your static caravan, chalet or holiday lodge is just that – a holiday home and one that you do not live in on any permanent basis the whole year round.

Indeed, the National Caravan Council (NCC) makes clear that you may not live in a static holiday caravan or holiday lodge all year but must have an alternative permanent address elsewhere. The dwelling is for holiday use only and this is a condition of the holiday park’s licensing arrangements with the local authority and part of your lease agreement with the park’s owners.

Most holiday parks have a closed season during the winter months and holiday caravan owners are typically allowed to occupy their homes for no more than a maximum of 11 months in any one year.

Holiday leisure home insurance

The special nature of the dwelling itself and the limitations on its use for residence means that specialist holiday home insurance - often called holiday leisure home insurance - is needed for the protection of your static caravan or holiday lodge.

Standard home insurance, on the other hand, is specifically designed for homeowners who occupy their main place of residence on a permanent basis throughout the year.

If you attempt to safeguard your holiday home with regular home insurance, therefore, you are likely to find that any claim you subsequently make for loss or damage is going to be dismissed – and certainly if you gave a false description of the holiday home or its use.

What static home insurance covers

In fact, static home insurance provides cover for loss and damage to the holiday home and its contents against very similar risks to standard home insurance, namely:

The cover offers safeguards very similar to those of conventional home insurance – risks to the structure and fabric of your static residential home such as:

  • fire, smoke, lightning, explosion, aircraft, earthquake;
  • storm and flood damage;
  • escape of water and oil;
  • impacts and collision;
  • riot, civil commotion, vandalism and malicious damage;
  • subsidence, heave and landslip; (note that not all policy providers cover subsidence as standard) and
  • theft or attempted theft.

Public liability insurance – indemnifying you against injury, loss or damage suffered by visitors to your holiday home, neighbours, or members of the public – of up to £5 million per claim is also included in this type of holiday chalet insurance.

When your holiday home is left unoccupied

Unlike your permanent home, there are likely to be several – often quite lengthy – times of the year when your holiday home is left empty and unoccupied.

That is when it is likely to be at its most vulnerable – to storm damage, for example, or from acts of vandalism or break-ins.

In the light of that heightened vulnerability, the holiday leisure home insurance arranged here at UKinsuranceNET, has special provisions limiting the extent of cover after your holiday home has been unoccupied for longer than seven consecutive days.