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Get your holiday home Christmas-ready on a budget


It may be that time of the year when your holiday home is shut up for winter and opened up only for an occasional visit by yourself, members of your family or by paying guests.

One exception, though, may be the Christmas period, when many people like to take a break and enjoy a change of surroundings for their seasonal celebrations.

Whether it is to help make yourself feel more at home or to spread a little Christmas cheer to tenants taking up temporary residence during the holidays, you might want to give some thought to decorating the home. It’s unlikely to take you that long to do and needn’t cost an arm and a leg – but goes to show you have made at least some effort in bringing the festive season to your holiday home. 

Getting your holiday home ready for Christmas on a budget

Let’s face it, no one is likely to be staying for all that long, so the difference you make can be kept to a strict budget that sees you creating maximum effect for minimum expenditure.

Here are a few ideas:

  • because they are natural materials, you probably won’t have to look far for them outside – think, holly, ivy, mistletoe and fir cones – and of course they can be foraged for free;
  • a great way of adding an especially personal touch – and give rein to your creative imagination – is to make at least some of the decorations yourself;
  • staying on the theme of items that cost next to nothing, your local car boot sale, charity shop or church hall jumble sale all offer rich (cheap) pickings for novel or odd ideas – that might become a conversation piece or object of curiosity for those gathered around the Christmas table;
  • from the same sources, you might also find woolly jumpers, clothes and offcuts of fabric that you can spruce up and re-cycle as cushions or Christmas stockings – preferably in a festive red or white of course;
  • combing your DIY skills with the natural materials you can gather for free has long been applied to the creation of seasonal wreathes – making one might have become something of a tradition, so why not keep it up by turning out this year’s wondrous offering; 
  • gathering your mistletoe for free outdoors has already been mentioned, but it is increasingly difficult to find growing wild;
  • as an equally attractive – and almost as cheap – alternative, the Stay at Home Artist suggests fashioning your mistletoe leaves from scraps of felt and decorating with pearls (not the genuine kind, of course!) to produce a charming and realistic effect;
  • those cushions which might be thrown around quite unobtrusively in your living room can be turned into novel, Christmas box presents simply by tying red or white ribbon across each of the sides and fastened with a bow – or even a broach to add a little extra bling. 

Spending just a little time, effort and money on decorating your holiday home for Christmas whether for you and yours or other guests is likely to bring some festive cheer to make Christmas just that little bit more special.