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How do I get home insurance with a criminal conviction?

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If you are looking for home insurance, any prospective insurer is going to ask a number of questions – as part and parcel of assessing the risks associated with the cover. That risk assessment helps the insurer to decide whether or not to offer insurance cover, and if so, what price the premiums need to be to cover the risks. 

This sets the background for getting home insurance for people with criminal convictions.

Getting home insurance with a criminal record

Included in those questions is likely to be a section asking whether you have had any criminal convictions – say, in the past five years.

They do so, in the belief that a criminal conviction – especially one involving dishonesty – increases the risk of the insured making a fraudulent home insurance claim in the future.

If you have to answer yes to this type of question, therefore, things become much tougher. Many mainstream insurers are likely to reject your application if you or members of your household have answered yes and home insurance for people with criminal convictions might seem an impossibility.

Criminal convictions which need to be disclosed

Getting property insurance for people with criminal convictions is made a little easier, however, thanks to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

This gives effect to a distinction between “spent” convictions – where a law-abiding ex-offender has paid their debt to society by serving a sentence or paying a penalty and, so, after a prescribed period of time the conviction is treated as though it never happened – the slate is wiped clean.

Unspent convictions, however, are those which have not yet qualified for such treatment.

If you are asked about criminal convictions by a prospective insurer, you must disclose any unspent convictions, but may remain completely silent about any spent convictions.

Failure to disclose unspent convictions

Knowing that your application for home insurance is likely to lead to rejection, you might be tempted simply not to disclose any unspent convictions or to be untruthful about them.

If you do so, however, this is likely to be regarded as misrepresentation – or in especially flagrant cases, insurance fraud. Once the misrepresentation is discovered, therefore, your home insurance cover is likely to be declared invalid and any claim you make rejected, warns the charity which supports ex-offenders, Unlock.

Home insurance for convictions 

Avoid the temptation of hiding or being untruthful about your criminal convictions, therefore, and instead consult a specialist insurance provider – such as ourselves here at UKinsuranceNET – with particular expertise and experience is arranging a non-standard form of cover variously known as criminal convictions home insurance.

In any such application, you are asked to disclose any unspent convictions – and these need to be accurately declared in the normal way. The critical difference, however, is that these specialist insurers are not going to reject your application out of hand, as most mainstream insurers are likely to do.

Just as with any other enquiry, we send you a quote based on your search of this specialist niche of the wider insurance market in order to deliver competitively priced premiums. 

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