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How to Avoid Property Disasters

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Just when you think you have got on top of everything, something can break and cause you a nightmare. As insurers we see these situations a lot and understand where the same problems keep coming up.

We’ve decided it might be helpful to make you a list of the appliances that we see causing the most problems so you can give yourself peace of mind when you move in new tenants.

Some things are pretty straight forward, they will take 2 minutes of your time but save you a lot in future, and others can be costly, however it’s better to check and be prepared than have something go wrong when you least expect it.

Tumble Dryer

Did you know that tumble dryers can cause fires? Well it’s obvious when you think about it. High levels of heat and clumps of dust and lint building up at the back of the machine?

A fire is one of the worst situations that can occur and they can be notoriously easily avoided. Make sure you clear the fluff away from the vents of the machine so that it can breath and cool down.


Have you been walking in and out of those patio doors through a small gap because it keeps getting harder to slide all the way open? When the door begins to become stiff we just seem to tug it a bit harder until there is a gap big enough for us to squeeze through, however tenants may not be too pleased about that.

The tracks of the door can become clogged with bits of dirt and fluff which makes them a real effort to pull open. You may need a bit of help but removing the doors from the tracks and giving them a quick clean will have them opening easy again.


Luckily the walls will give us signs that they are having problems so we can fix them early on. If you begin to see cracks in the walls, or notice any missing brickwork on the outside, you should get them seen to immediately.

There is nothing you can do to avoid the effects of the weather, however by filling in cracks and ensuring the house is sealed from the outside to stop any water getting in, you will prevent serious problems like damp and mould.

Washing Machine

Machines in your home, filled with lots of water and unpredictable doors locks and pipes, just sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. One day you might come home and the water is sitting in the machine and won’t drain through the hose, so draining it after that is probably going to lead to a flood!

Make sure that the pipes at the back of the machine are secured properly and the machine is working correctly. Floods ruin furniture, carpets, belongings and anything else in their path, so it will be worth while.

Other Kitchen Appliances

Appliances in a rented property need to pass a safety test, and so we should ourselves ‘disaster-test’ out appliances. Things like fridges, freezers and ovens all need small replacements every now and then.

Ever noticed your appliances sometimes make that weird noise? That’s them trying to maintain airflow, but that can be clogged my hair and dirt. Check behind the back of them that all of the coils are clean and that everything is running right.

These are just a few things that we see reoccurring with claims, so it is worthwhile to keep on top of them and make sure small issues don’t lead to bigger ones. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will give you advice on any other problems you have been having around the home.

If you’ve enjoyed reading , How to Avoid Property Disasters, why not take a look at our simplified ‘Complete Tenants List’ which includes advice on upkeep, fire safety and precautions? Print it out and give to your tenants to help you look after your property.

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