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The Truth Behind ‘General Wear and Tear’


So in general you’re quite happy with the quality of your portfolio. The boilers are working, the tenants are paying rent and overall you’re happy.

It can be a bit of a set back when something goes wrong. It’s been a rainy night and a roof tile has fallen off. Why not claim in on the insurance?

I’m going to explain why not, and why insurers will put this down to ‘General Wear and Tear.’

In the legislation it will state that you are expected to keep up with the general upkeep of your home.

This doesn’t mean just washing the windows or hovering up. When certain jobs are left a long amount of time they can become a problem.

It’s like leaving a glass of milk on the side. It’s more than easy to wash it out when it has just been finished, however if you decide to wash it a week later you have mould to deal with.

Going back to this roof tile, if you haven’t been maintaining the roof, leaving moss grow in between the tiles or grass grow in the guttering, then they are bound to come off at some point.

Unless the instance couldn’t have been avoided, such as a lightening bolt striking the chimney, your insurance is not liable to pay.

It is important to make proper checks on your home to prevent finding yourself in these situations. Make sure the pipes aren’t rotten and the drains are being unclogged. Because later in the year they could turn into a bigger issue and when you can’t claim on your insurance you could be in trouble.

It can be difficult to manage all of the issues in a home when you don’t live there. It is important to communicate with your tenants so that they understand the importance of you making regular checks to maintain the luxury of their home.

If you rent your house furnished, when it comes to contents insurance we advise you to give responsibility to the tenant for damage. Stains on furniture and carpets are classed as wear and tear, so to encourage your tenants to take extra care in their home.

We want to give our clients the truth behind ‘general wear and tear’, so that you always get the best from your insurer. Make sure you keep up with our blog for more interesting posts to ensure you get the most out of your home.

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