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The Ultimate Star Wars Home

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21 November 2015

By UKinsuranceNET In Insurance Advice

There’s still time – before the next 4th of May – to invest in a property you can be certain of letting to any Star Wars aficionado. And if you are wondering just why that particular date is likely to loom large in any fan’s calendar just say out loud to yourself “May the 4th be with you”!

With that objective firmly in mind, therefore, let’s look at some of the homes in which you might want to invest, the sort of Star Wars tenant you might be able to attract, and the type of property insurance you might need to protect your investment.

Here are just five examples to help whet your appetite:

1. The Star Wars House

Relatively affordable when it comes to buying a piece of intergalactic history is this almost modest abode by South Korean architects Moon Hoon – itself a name that could almost have been taken for a character in the film.

Spread over three floors, the home occupies less than 1,500 sq. ft. of space, so might be suitable for economy-minded couples with just one or two children – so make sure accidents are prevented and stay on the right side of your landlord insurance liability cover.

2. Incom T-47 airspeeder

Not so much a house, more a specially themed room inside one.

That’s probably just as well, since the room – which features the aforementioned star ship – is inside a $15 million mansion in the United States.

You have to admit that it’s a lot to pay for a single room of Star Wars memorabilia, so you might need to look far and wide for the sort of tenant to pay a high rent for just a small part of movie fame.

The contents component of your property insurance might be worth special attention when it comes to protecting the room’s furnishings and fittings.

3. Star ship Millennium Falcon

A similarly astronomical sum – to excuse the pun – will be needed to buy a house in the Daintree region of Queensland in Australia.

In this case, though, the entire house is shaped after the iconic Millennium Falcon spaceship – so you are probably getting better value for your money.

Only well-heeled tenants need apply.

4. Star Wars B&B

Right back down to earth again is a thoroughly modest, semi-detached Bed and Breakfast in Southampton, which has been converted – to the tune of £150,000 – into a shrine to the stars of the movie.

If you are running a Bed & Breakfast, of course, your insurers need to know about it, so that you can arrange the appropriate kind of property insurance.

5. Home One

Only if you have a truly stupendous sum to invest are you likely to afford Home One – the name given to the MC80 Star Cruiser used as Admiral Gial Ackbar’s flagship in the Battle of Endor.

Now out of service, this fine example of a Mon Cal (Mon Calamari) Star Cruiser came to rest in the furthest reaches of outer space.

When it comes to finding tenants, therefore, take into account an extraordinarily long commute to work and probably discount anyone with a regular, 9 to 5 day job.

Perhaps just having a Star Wars home isn’t good enough for you? You want the real deal!

Take a look at this great infographic and decide which Star Wars planet suits you best- Which Star Wars Planet Would You Choose? 

Landlord insurance might be more difficult to arrange for this extra-terrestrial example, but if you are interested, UKinsuranceNET is happy to consider giving you a quote!

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