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The World's Best Places to Live


Just imagine being able to offer your let property as being located in one of the best places in the world to live. You’d probably be beating applicants away from your door and the rent you could charge would more than amply cover your mortgage repayments and landlord insurance combined.

Where are those best places? It’s all very subjective, of course, but here are just a few suggestions:

Melbourne, Australia

  • according to a study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, this city in southern Australia takes first place in a list of the 10 bet cities in which to live – ranked by a somewhat nebulous concept of “liveability”;

Panama, Central America

  • if you are looking for tenants who are safe and secure in their retirement – able to afford the rent and likely to have fewer rowdy parties than a houseful of students – Panama may be just the place in which to buy to let;
  • Panama wins the prize as the top of the world’s ten best retirement havens, voted by the magazine International Living;

Costa Rica, Central America

  • unlikely as it may seem, Central American destinations seem to come close to the top of many researchers lists;
  • in this case, Costa Rica takes the prize for being one of the top ten happiest places in which to live – scoring on its “good life” rankings of life expectancy, life satisfaction and ecological footprint, says Global Finance magazine;

Singapore, Far East

  • in terms of worldwide rankings, Lifestyle9 magazine aims to go several steps further than many others by offering no fewer than 30 international locations;
  • top of their list goes to the city of Singapore, strategically placed geographically and playing its role as an important financial hub – a hit for your high-flying tenants;

Palo Alto, California, USA

  • not to be outdone, the American online magazine Liveability cites no fewer than 100 best locations in which to live – all of which are in the United States;
  • their first prize goes to the Californian city of Palo Alto because of its natural amenities, mild weather, thriving economy and cultural attractions;

Auckland, New Zealand

  • if you want any confirmation that choosing a list of the best places is a pretty subjective issue, just turn to the webpages of Wikipedia;
  • it recognises that one of the cities to crop up fairly often at the top of any “liveability” list is the New Zealand capital city of Auckland;
  • the New York Times, however, criticises such a choice as being too anglocentric – where liveability simply means English-speaking;

Allerdale, Cumbria, UK

  • staying true to any sense of anglocentricity, the Daily Mail lists the best places in Britain to live and largely eschews the flashy cities that might first spring to mind;
  • instead it chooses Allerdale in the Lake District, for its satisfied residents and the affordable housing they enjoy.

If this selection of best places is anything to go by, it is that choosing the right spot is entirely subjective. However and wherever you make your choice, though, UKinsuranceNET is there to help ensure that its landlord insurance packages help to protect your investment in property.