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What Deters us from Buying a House?

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It’s a stressful process when you want to move house and you want the property that you’re moving into to be perfect. It can be such a let down when you find a home at the right price, with the right amount of bedrooms, in the right area, and one thing puts you off. But what are the top things that deter us from buying a house?

 1. Noisy Neighbours

So one thing we really can’t stand, is noisy neighbours. Your home is the place where you can be yourself and forget about work and other commitments, so we take it personally when somebody intrudes on that.

Whether it’s loud music or slamming doors, neighbours disputes are very common. Before moving in you could try and speak to the last tenants or a few people on the street to make sure you won’t get any nasty surprises once you’ve taken the plunge.

 2. Mould

It goes without saying that mould is a top factor. Mould can cause various future problems for people and the consequences sometimes just aren’t worth it.

You really should check for anything like this and weigh up the costs of getting it fixed. Something like mould can effect the value of a home because of the work that must be carried out to get rid of it.

3. General Uncleanliness

One thing we don’t like, is showing up to a house that isn’t clean. You can’t blame anybody for being put off by a house that makes there skin crawl. However, you can take advantage and see past the first impressions of other buyers. Look past the mess and decide if the rooms are a nice size and what you could do with it. 

Most houses don’t look attractive when there are things lying about everywhere. If someone is going to come and look at a house they want to see it at its best and know there isn’t too much work to do.

4. Untidy Garden

Most people imagine the garden as the place where the children can play. Where you enjoy the Summer and have family barbeques. Unsurprisingly people can be put off when it looks a state. Just try and straighten up a bit and give the grass a mow. Garden can be top factors on some peoples lists.

Believe or not, our statistics show that more people are put off by next doors garden than the one of interest. Perhaps you could pop next door and have a word? You don’t want people assuming they are noisy neighbours too.

5. Parking

And lastly, another thing that we tend to avoid is a house without parking space. Well, there’s not much you can do if you don’t have a drive or an allocated bay, but I suppose you could check the rules on parking in the street and get yourself a permit.

You never know, parking in the street might bring the car insurance premiums down.

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