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What Does Let Property Insurance for Housing Benefit Tenants Cover?

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11 October 2017

By UKinsuranceNET In Insurance Advice

People who are in rented accommodation – whether in the private or public sector – and who are on low incomes or unemployed, qualify for benefits to help pay their rent.

Until very recently, that social security assistance was paid in the form of Housing Benefit and administered by local councils – it is being replaced by something called Universal Credit.

The replacement is likely to cause some upheaval for both tenants and their landlords, but when it comes to arranging cover for your let property, there are still likely to be many insurers who continue to exclude tenants who are unemployed or who are on any kind of benefits.

Here at UKinsuranceNET, however, we are able to arrange cover for whatever class or type of tenant you choose, thanks to our specialist let property insurance for housing benefits tenants and landlord insurance for unemployed tenants.

What’s covered?

Apart from providing cover for any type or class of tenant legally occupying your let property, what protection is offered by housing benefits tenants landlord insurance?

Building insurance

  • the principal asset of any buy to let business, of course, is the building itself;
  • specialist let property insurance for tenants on housing benefits continues to safeguard against the potentially disastrous risks of fire, storm damage, impacts, flooding, vandalism and theft – with your total building sum insured equivalent to the cost of completely reconstructing the property;

Contents insurance

  • cover also typically extends to the contents which you own in the let property – insurance for tenants’ belongings is naturally a matter for themselves;

Malicious damage

  • when you are arranging landlord insurance for DSS tenants or landlord insurance for unemployed tenants, you might be more than usually concerned about the risk of malicious damage being done to your property by the tenants themselves;
  • unlike many other landlord insurance policies, those we arrange here at UKinsuranceNET offer the chance to protect yourself and your property against malicious damage caused by your tenants – whoever they are;

Landlord liability insurance

  • whatever type of tenant living in your let property, you have a duty of care as their landlord to take every precaution to prevent them, their visitors, neighbours or members of the public from sustaining an injury on the premises or having their own belongings damaged;
  • if this happens, you may be held liable and ordered to pay substantial compensation;
  • landlord liability insurance indemnifies you against such claims and is typically incorporated into let property insurance for unemployed tenants and landlords’ insurance for housing benefits tenants to cover claims of up to at least £1 million;

Loss of rental income

  • you may have insured your let property against loss or damage, but any serious insured incident may leave the premises temporarily uninhabitable, during which time you lose the rental income on it;
  • most forms of landlord insurance for housing benefit tenants, therefore, offer compensation for that loss of rental income – up to a prescribed maximum amount, often based on a percentage of the total sum insured.

When you arrange specialist let property insurance for housing benefit tenants through ourselves here at UKinsuranceNET, therefore, you may be assured of the comprehensive cover you need.

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