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MP’s Say Rogue Landlords Should Face Nationwide Ban

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04 July 2014

By UKinsuranceNET In Landlord Advice

A cross-party groups report by MP’s says rogue landlords should face nationwide ban. They say banning orders should be introduced for bad landlords, along with the implementation of a national licence scheme.

The report also suggests a guide being produced for tenants on renting a property to ensure that problems in the private rented sector are tackled.

The report which is titled “Creating a better private rented sector” was recently published by the All Party Parliamentary Group.

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) was very supportive on many aspects which the report raised, in particular the way in which the report highlighted the need for better enforcement.

With the latest figures showing that the number of homes now let by private landlords is greater that the rest of the UK social rented sector, the all party report was suggesting that the current regulatory system needed a review to establish if it was fit for purpose.

The private rented sector currently accounts for nearly 20% of households. Recent figures show that nine out of ten landlords are private individuals.

The report called “Creating a Better Private Rented Sector” also set out a number of other measures aimed at landlords including, national licensing, landlord training programmes, dealing effectively with safety requirements including annual electrical safety checks and finally clearer guidance to courts when it comes to issuing banning orders.

The report went on to state the areas that should be looked at regarding the guide for tenants considering renting a property included a checklist of questions for the landlord, include checks on previous utility bills associated with the property

The all party group’s chairman, Oliver Colvile, said: “Given the growing importance of the private rented sector it is important that consideration is given to how it should be run to provide sufficient protection to tenants and support and encourage the majority of good landlords while rooting out those who reap misery for tenants.

Today’s report provides a number of ideas to ensure that the sector is fit for the 21st century and the group hopes and looks forward to all political parties giving serious consideration to this detailed work.”
The conservative led all party group will now be assessed with a view to implementing the changes.

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