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Multi-property landlord insurance explained

Row of multi property houses
15 July 2022

By UKinsuranceNET In Landlord Advice

Managing a portfolio of commercial properties is difficult enough without keeping track of multiple insurance properties. Multi-property landlord insurance solves this problem, providing landlords and investors with one policy, one fee, one renewal date, and one point of contact. Not only do multi-property landlord insurance policies streamline your admin, but they can also be more cost-effective, with potential discounts available the more properties you add.

Can you have more than one property on one policy?

The good news for burgeoning and experienced property investors is that you can have more than one commercial property insured on one policy. Multi-property landlord insurance, also known as landlord portfolio insurance, delivers all the same benefits as regular commercial landlord insurance – namely buildings, contents, and public liability cover (and more) – spread across your entire portfolio of properties.

With a single policy, renewal date, fee, and point of contact, multi-property landlord insurance policies offer unrivaled convenience, peace of mind, and potential discounts as your portfolio grows.

Can you have a mix of unoccupied and occupied policies on one policy?

Multi-property landlord insurance offers a high degree of flexibility, enabling you to insure a mixed portfolio of commercial and residential properties. However, you may choose to divide these into separate multi-property landlord insurance policies to gain more clarity over your portfolio mix. Our specialist advisers here at UKInsuranceNET can provide tailor-made advice and guidance to help you to arrange the most appropriate and comprehensive landlord’s commercial insurance for your specific requirements.

Certainly, you will need to take out separate unoccupied commercial property insurance if you have any properties that are likely to remain unoccupied for a sustained period. Many policies will allow for a short period of vacancy between tenants (always check with your insurer first), but you will require unoccupied commercial property insurance for extended periods. This is because empty commercial properties present a higher than average risk of problems like arson, theft, vandalism, and accidental damage, such as burst water pipes.

Do I need both landlord and building insurance?

For the most part, you won’t need separate landlord and buildings insurance. Another benefit of multi-property landlord insurance is that it includes building insurance as part of its cover. Like standard landlord’s commercial insurance, multi-property landlord insurance protects your property from natural and man-made hazards. The only difference is that multi-property landlord insurance policies provide this protection across your entire portfolio.

What will multi-property landlord insurance cover?

Landlord’s insurance for multiple properties covers the following:

  • Buildings insurance – Protects the structure and fabric of your properties against deliberate and accidental third-party risks, such as flooding, storm damage, vandalism, theft, fire, explosions, and impacts.
  • Contents insurance – Protects any contents you own if you let partially or fully furnished properties. Remember that your tenants will require tenant contents insurance to cover their possessions.
  • Landlord liability insurance – Protects against claims made by tenants, visitors, neighbours and members of the public who hold you liable for injuries or damaged property due to your actions or inactions.
  • Loss of rent cover – Protects you against loss of rental income, up to specified limits, should a serious insured event leave any properties in your portfolio temporarily uninhabitable.

How can I get multi-property landlord insurance?

Making sure you have the most cost-effective and appropriate cover for multiple let properties is extremely important as a landlord or property investor. At UKInsuranceNET, our experienced advisers can help you choose the most suitable multi-property landlord insurance for your unique needs. Thanks to our top-rated, highly personalised customer service, finding the right property letting insurance for you has never been easier.

As one of the country’s leading independent brokers for bespoke landlord’s insurance, including those who own and operate multiple property portfolios, we can provide tailored multi-property landlord insurance that delivers a high level of protection across all your properties. From mixed-use properties to commercial properties, residential properties, and HMO properties, we’ve got you covered. Contact our advisers today to find out more.

Get multi-property landlord insurance today

If you have a growing portfolio of four or more properties, then you stand to benefit from taking out multi-property landlord insurance. This type of property letting insurance gives you all the protection you need for your buildings, contents, and public liability whilst reducing your administrative burden with a single, all-encompassing renewal date, fee, and point of contact. You could even stand to benefit from discounts as you add more properties to your portfolio.

For more information about multi-property landlord insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01325 346 328 or

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