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What insurance do commercial landlords require?

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18 July 2022

By UKinsuranceNET In Landlord Advice

What insurance do commercial landlords require?

As a landlord, it is vitally important that you protect your investments by taking out adequate insurance to cover you for life’s unexpected eventualities. Commercial landlord insurance provides a one-two punch of protection, covering you for any damage to the properties you let and any potential injuries to third parties on your premises. Here, UKInsuranceNET takes an in-depth look into some of the types and benefits of commercial landlord insurance.

What is defined as commercial property?

So, what is ‘commercial property’? Well, put simply, commercial property is any real estate that is used for business purposes. That covers many things, from a single high street shop or restaurant to large-scale office complexes, warehouses, retail parks, industrial estates and even car parking lots. As such, if you own this type of commercial investment, then chances are you will need some form of landlord’s commercial insurance.

What additional cover is available under commercial landlord insurance?

To a great extent, every commercial landlord insurance policy is different. This is because every commercial entity has varying needs, and no two insurers will offer the same coverage. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to enlist the services of an independent broker, like UKInsuranceNET, to secure the appropriate level of cover for you.

As well as the traditional areas of protection, landlord’s commercial insurance can also be tailored to include some of the following types of extensions:

  • Landlord’s contents– Protects all contents, which is helpful for well-equipped premises.
  • Accidental damage– Covers any form of accidental damage, such as fire, storms or flooding.
  • Malicious damage– Covers the costs of repairs for any deliberate damage by tenants.
  • Legal expenses– Protects against any potential legal disputes that may arise with your tenants.
  • Business interruption– This covers loss of rental income if your property becomes uninhabitable.
  • Employers’ liability– This is legally required if you employ anyone in relation to the building.
  • Terrorism cover– Protects you against any damage that occurs due to a terrorist attack.

Do vacant buildings need commercial landlord insurance?

The short answer is: yes. Vacant commercial buildings pose several significant risks in the eyes of insurers. Therefore, if your commercial property is likely to remain vacant for any period, it is essential to contact your insurer to attain unoccupied commercial property insurance.

Having said that, this type of business landlord insurance is increasingly difficult to acquire due to the associated risks. However, UKInsuranceNET specialises in brokering these types of policies. So, if you need unoccupied commercial property insurance, speak to our experts today.

Who is responsible for buildings insurance on a commercial property?

The landlord or property owner should always take out commercial buildings insurance for landlords. Having buildings insurance in place is just one of a commercial landlord’s responsibilities and is typically a mandatory stipulation of any mortgage agreement.

Furthermore, it makes good financial sense to protect your property should any issues arise. If a problem occurs, you want to ensure that you, the owner or landlord, will benefit from any potential claim. If you failed to take out adequate buildings insurance or left it to your tenant, you could find yourself considerably out of pocket.

Get commercial landlord insurance from UKInsuranceNET

Taking out commercial landlord insurance is a wise investment. Whether you are the landlord of a single retail store or a significant commercial portfolio owner, taking out commercial landlord insurance can protect your assets from life’s unexpected events. This type of policy protects you from hazards like fires, theft and floods and can also cover you should anything happen to third-party visitors to your premises.

As a landlord, you entrust your property’s day-to-day running to a third party. It is unlikely that anyone will maintain your premises as diligently as you would, which is why commercial landlord insurance makes perfect economic sense. UKInsuranceNET is an expert broker of all forms of landlord’s insurance and commercial property insurance. Speak to one of our experienced consultants for a quotation or use our online service for instant results.

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