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Back to longer lets

Landlords who had previously switched to short-term lets – to take advantage of tourists’ demand for Airbnb-style accommodation – are now reverting to longer-term tenancies, reported Landlord Today

25 March 2020
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Tenants who receive universal credit

The new six-in-one benefits scheme known as universal credit continues to be rolled out across the country. It replaces the method by which your tenants may have previously received housing benefit.

18 March 2020
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Voids – and rents – down

February is likely to have been met with a mixture of relief and concern by landlords. The good news was that the length of voids appears to have gone down, but the less welcome news is that average..

10 March 2020
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Mind your MEES

If you’ve not yet brought your let property into line with the Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency (MEES) Regulations, make sure to do so by the 1st of April. That is when the regulations come into for

06 March 2020
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Where have all the landlords gone?

More than 222,500 landlords have been lost to the private rented sector in the last three years alone. That is the staggering news reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on the 25th of February.

05 March 2020
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Sweet spots for holiday lets

Did you already find the sweet spot of where to invest in holiday let property? Perhaps last year’s favourites will give you a clue about where in the country your next investment might be.

18 February 2020
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