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Calls to cut Stamp Duty

Under the new administration, PM Boris Johnson has said he wants to cut the rate of Stamp Duty while sources close to number 10 say that there is the possibility of the tax being abolished altogether

09 August 2019
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Come clean with HMRC

Make friends with the taxman now and you could avoid penalties that otherwise end up with your having to pay at least ten times as much on underpaid tax on your buy to let business.

19 July 2019
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Good news for BTL investors

Good news for investors in buy to let property comes in the shape of lower mortgage costs, according to a report published by Landlord Today on the 9th of July.

15 July 2019
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We need to talk about leasehold

Back in October last year, we described it as a potential new PPI-type scandal – the mis-selling of restrictive and punitive leasehold conditions on many homes.

04 July 2019
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