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‘Bungalow bungler’ rogue landlord fined £371,000

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A so-called ‘bungalow bungler’ landlord has been fined £371, 250 after building an illegal extension on his Harrow (London) bungalow.

56 year old Yunus Oomerjee, from Slough, converted the house in Eastcote Lane into seven poorly-built separate dwellings with a studio.

Oomerjee ignored five enforcement notices from Harrow Council’s planning teams, who highlighted the illegal nature of the development, as well as its shortcomings relating to safety measures. 

The notice required that Oomerjee stop using the building as self-contained flats, but he chose to ignore the repeated warnings.

According to the council, the flats were “shoddily-built” without building regulation, fire safety or electrical checks.

The rogue landlord was found guilty of failing to comply and breaching all enforcement orders issued against the property.

He was ordered to pay £355,000 in confiscation proceedings to account for the money he made letting out the dwelling, plus £15,000 in costs and a £1,250 fine.

Speaking to the HarrowTimes, leader of Harrow Labour Group, Cllr Graham Henson, said: “Planning is not a pushover, and we’ve now given this ‘bungalow bungler’ a very, very expensive lesson. 

“This is not just a victory for Harrow Council, it’s a victory for Oomerjee’s long-suffering neighbours and for all decent landlords in Harrow who obey the law.”