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Can I Insure An Empty Property?

Can I Insure An Empty Property?
22 June 2022

By UKinsuranceNET In News

Empty property insurance can protect your property if it’s likely to be left unoccupied for more than 30 days. Taking out house insurance for empty properties is a smart move if you’re selling your home, going away for an extended holiday, or planning a major renovation. UKInsuranceNET explains why you might want to take out unoccupied home insurance.

Should I Insure An Empty Property?

If your circumstances have changed recently, you may have found yourself pondering the question: ‘can I insure an empty property’? The short answer is ‘yes’. You can and, in all likelihood, should insure an empty property that will remain empty for more than 30 consecutive days. For instance, if you’re waiting for probate, are in between tenants, have inherited the property, or have moved into a new residence and put your house up for sale.

Will Standard Home Insurance Cover My Empty Property?

It depends on your insurer, policy, and circumstances as to whether your existing home insurance will cover your empty property. For example, many insurers will cover vacancies for up to 30-45 consecutive days (with some terms and conditions). But it’s crucial to speak to your provider and check the terms of your policy. If you don’t notify your insurer or fail to take out adequate cover if necessary, you may not be covered if you need to make a claim.

Why Cover An Empty Property?

There are various benefits of taking out house insurance for empty properties. Unoccupied properties tend to be at higher risk of theft, vandalism and damage. So most unoccupied home insurance policies will cover you for break-ins, attempted robberies and vandalism. You’ll also be covered for damage caused by a fire, flood or storm.

How Long Do I Need Cover For?

Again, this largely depends on your circumstances. UKInsuranceNET provides a range of policy terms and Direct Debit payment options to suit your needs. So, whether you need cover for three months, six months, nine months, or a full calendar year, we’ve got you covered. If your home remains unoccupied for longer than you first anticipated – for instance, if its sale were to stall or you needed long-term medical care – your cover can also usually be extended.

Is Empty House Insurance Cheaper?

As with all types of insurance, your empty house insurance policy will be individually tailored to you and your specific circumstances. That makes cost comparisons a pointless exercise for the main part. However, your chosen provider can give you all the necessary costs and figures you need to inform your purchasing decisions.

How To Insure An Empty Property
At UKinsuranceNET, our expert team is only too happy to help you with your unoccupied house insurance comparison or unoccupied landlord insurance comparison. We’ll help you find what we believe is the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you from various policies and providers. So for total peace of mind and protection for your property, get your quote for empty house insurance from UKinsuranceNET today.

Insure Your Empty Property Through UKInsuranceNET

If your home is likely to be unoccupied for an extended period, you may have lots of questions whirring around your head. For example, ‘do I pay home insurance for my empty property’? ‘Should I insure an empty property’? ‘Are there insurance companies who will cover empty properties’? But, as we’ve alluded to, you can and should insure an empty property for periods of more than 30 consecutive days, and UKInsuranceNET can provide you with a range of policies and providers to suit your specific circumstances.

For more information about unoccupied property insurance, please contact us on 01325 346328.

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