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How dying could invalidate your home insurance policy


A recent news story highlighted how grieving relatives may be unaware that a deceased’s home is no longer covered by their home insurance after a certain amount of days.

The story in The Telegraph newspaper highlights how a home insurance policy typically becomes invalid - or the cover severely restricted – once the property has been unoccupied for a number of consecutive days. 

The amount of consecutive days will vary by insurer, but typically, are between 30 – 45 days. This means that if a lone relative has died, it is important that unoccupied property insurance – or home insurance during probate - is arranged to ensure the property is adequately protected. 

Home insurance during probate has the additional advantage of flexibility in its duration of cover – this may be especially useful as probate may become complicated and involved and could be a long process.

If a partner / spouse dies, check your home insurance

If someone is still living at the property, for example a spouse, then it is important they check with their current home insurance provider as to whose name the cover is in, as it may need changing. 

Your responsibilities

Finally, it is important to note that, as part of your unoccupied property insurance, it is usually a condition of your policy that you make frequent, logged visits to the property. This is to make sure it is safe and secure and nothing has happened to damage the home (for example, a burst pipe or smashed window).