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Landlords: do you know your responsibilities?

Landlords- do you know your responsibilities?
23 November 2017

By UKinsuranceNET In News

Research by online lettings agents LetBritain, cited in an article by and published by Landlord Today on the 16th of November, reveals some disturbing gaps in the knowledge of many landlords about their legal responsibilities.

The findings highlight an ignorance on the part of a significant minority of landlords – and even more of their tenants – about the law relating to the private rental sector:

  • 16% of those landlords surveyed, for example, seemed unaware that at least two months’ notice is required for any landlord wanting to evict a tenant in accordance with section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 – 37% of tenants did not know this either;
  • 12% of landlords did not realise that they must give at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the property they have let to tenants – 28% of tenants were unaware of their rights on this matter;
  • 14% of landlords do not understand that it is their responsibility to arrange and pay for the maintenance and repair of the outside of their let property;
  • 12% of landlords are probably failing to place deposits received from tenants into a legally approved tenancy deposit protection scheme – a failing which 34% of tenants are quite unaware of; and
  • 27% of landlords are unaware of their tenants’ right to challenge the rent charged if it is not in line with rents for comparable properties in the same area – whilst 50% of tenants did not know they may exercise that right.

The gaps in a knowledge and understanding – displayed both by landlords and tenants – of the regulatory framework for renting in the private sector remains a matter for general concern.

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