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Slow Broadband Speeds Is a Turn off for 48% of Renters

Wire showing slow broadband
28 February 2017

By UKinsuranceNET In News

According to a study from full fibre provider Hyperoptic, poor peak-time broadband speeds is the biggest bugbear for home-movers – even topping noisy neighbours and an unresponsive landlord.

The survey revealed that 12% of Brits are planning to move home in 2017, with 37% looking to buy and 63% looking to rent. The research was commissioned to get an insight into what unexpected issues are most annoying for UK home-movers.

It found that:

  • nearly half of renters (48%) would have avoided renting a property if they had known that it had poor broadband speeds at peak-time;
  • 36% said a flaky mobile signal would have also been a deal breaker;
  • a third (33%) said an unresponsive landlord is their biggest bugbear;
  • noisy neighbours accounted for 32% of concerns, followed by just over a quarter (26%) being put off by loud road noise.

Homebuyers are less likely to be concerned by slow broadband speeds, with 39% saying it was a deal breaker, followed by mobile phone signal issues (22%), noisy neighbours (32%) and road noise (19%).

A spokesman said: “The average property broadband speed that is given from a property website is basically misleading since it does not factor in how much a Fibre-to-the-Cabinet broadband service can reduce at peak times. It is time that the property sector woke up to the fact that broadband is not just a standard property amenity – it has the power to turn off a prospective renter and buyer altogether. Brits want and deserve to know how their broadband will perform at the time they need it most.”

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