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Social media alerts for burglars


Have you ever considered that social media gives an open invitation to burglars and thieves just itching to get their hands on your goodies? That’s the warning given in a story by the Daily Mail on the 24th of October.

According to the website Avocado Social, 39 million people – or around 67% of the population – use social media. If you are one of these users, there is probably nothing you like better than to share on social media platforms pictures of you and your family at home, surrounded by all that makes your life comfortable. You probably don’t even think twice about it.

In fact, you’ve probably seen many a photo of your friends and relatives gathered together in the living room in their home – you may have posted many such pictures yourself.

But apart from the tableau of smiling faces, spare a thought to what else you might be sharing with all and sundry on the internet. There’s that expensive television in the corner, for example, your latest sound system or home theatre and, countless other prized objects. Objects that are just as highly prized by the potential burglar only too keen to make an inventory of all that’s worth stealing from your home.

And those shots you have posed of you and your family at the front door? They are likely to show off quite what a welcome lies in store – especially for the burglar who can see at a glance the type and standard of the lock securing your front door.

Remember that your home insurance provider relies on your mitigating the risks of theft and break-ins – as we mentioned in our posting on the 3rd of July. By using social media pictures to offer such a welcome to burglars breaches that trust and may even invalidate your home insurance.