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The popularity of energy-efficient homes


Energy efficiency is growing in popularity among homeowners who are attaching greater priority to reducing their carbon footprint, revealed Property Reporter on the 28th of August.

According to recent research, two in every ten households want energy-efficient devices and appliances throughout their homes, including a charging point for an electric car.

The demand for integrated energy efficiency coincides with measures recently announced by the government to require all newly built homes to incorporate an electric charging point for a car. Billed as a world-first, the proposal was published by the Department for Transport on the 15th of July and is one of the steps towards official targets to achieve net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Figures gathered from across the country indicate that homeowners attach greater importance to their ability to reduce the carbon footprint left by emissions from fossil fuels than they do to their home being close – within a one-mile radius – of good transport links.

Preferences – and the importance attached to energy efficiency – reflect differences from one region to another and from one age group to another.

In London, for example, as many as 31% of the population are looking for energy efficiency and car charging sockets in any new home. The younger generation, too, appears to be more aware of their ability to reduce their carbon footprint, with 33% of them expecting integrated energy efficiency appliance and a car charging point in their next home.

The research revealed that energy efficiency aspirations were shared by homeowners and renters alike.