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Unoccupied property insurance for probate properties

Empty living room
20 November 2020

By UKinsuranceNET In Unoccupied Property Advice

Many homes may become temporarily vacant and unoccupied because the previous owner has died.

There then follows a potentially lengthy and complicated process of probate during which the property, possessions and money of the deceased are gathered together into his or her estate, outstanding bills, debts and tax liabilities are settled and the proceeds of the estate are distributed in accordance with the terms of the will.

Unoccupied property is vulnerable property

An empty and unoccupied house is vulnerable to different and potentially greater risks than one which is occupied. Many of these vulnerabilities are identified in a guidance note published by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), but might be summarised in the following terms:

  • an empty home may attract attention from undesirable such as squatters, burglars, vandals or arsonists; and
  • when there is no one at home to spot the problem in good time, a relatively minor fault may be left to develop into a major incident, causing expensive loss and damage.

That is why the unoccupied property insurance we arrange here at UKinsuranceNET might be especially helpful during the course of probate.

Online insurance quotes

If there is a need to arrange this kind of insurance during the course of probate, why spend time looking for an unoccupied property insurance online quote when a bespoke quote is readily available from us here at UKinsuranceNET on the ‘phone or online?

  • there are many different types of unoccupied property insurance products on the market and it may prove difficult to identify which of those provides precisely the cover you need at a competitive price;
  • steering your way through this maze of different products requires a rigorous home insurance comparison;
  • this is a search and unoccupied home insurance comparison we are able to do on your behalf, to come up with not just the most likely policy to suit your needs and circumstances, but also to generate a competitively priced quote
  • in the midst of probate, there are likely to be a hundred and one other demands on your time and energies – so that conducting your own search and comparison may be beyond your capacity at such a stressful time;
  • you may seek an online unoccupied property insurance quote from us at any time of the day or night, at your own convenience and from the comfort of your own home – your tailor-made quote is just a few clicks away;
  • we pride ourselves in offering first-class customer service for enquiries and quotes sought online – and by telephone, too, for that matter;
  • it is a quality of service already prized by our existing tens of thousands of customers and a feature that has helped to make us one of the leading independent insurance brokers in the UK;
  • thanks to that status and reputation, we are in a strong bargaining position with our partner insurers to negotiate some of the most competitively priced unoccupied property insurance products available.

If you have an interest in the course of probate and the protection that needs to be provided for any property of the estate, bear in mind that one of the most likely outcomes is going to be a home that is temporarily left empty and unoccupied.

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