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Why Choose Our Unoccupied Property Cover?

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01 December 2020

By UKinsuranceNET In Unoccupied Property Advice

Forgetting any legal obligation that you may have to your mortgage lender that dictates that you have appropriate buildings cover, arranging let property cover at the time you exchange buyer and seller contracts is key.

Landlords insurance provides protection for the structure and fabric of the building itself, the contents (if you opt for contents cover), a number of liabilities that may come through owning such a property, and in many cases the provision of compensation for loss of rental income in the event of an insured incident.

Whilst that is all very well and good, many landlords inevitably experience times when the property is unoccupied – on the turnaround of old and new tenancies, for example – or at the very start of your role as a landlord, when the building may need repairs, redecoration or refurbishment.

Because landlord insurance policies typically lapse or expire if the property becomes empty for longer than a period of 30-45 consecutive days, a standalone alternative – unoccupied property insurance – is available to maintain the comprehensive protection you need.

Why buy that type of cover from

  • unoccupied property cover is available for any type of premises (whether for owner occupied homes, holiday homes or landlords’ residential or commercial property);
  • unlike many forms of insurance, you do not need to commit to the entire year but may choose from policies that offer up to 90 days cover – extending that period if it becomes necessary;
  • flexibility may also be secured with those of our providers which allow interest free payments by direct debit and that impose no cancellation charges – so letting you buy the cover only for as long as you need it;
  • none of our providers impose any restriction on the period during which the property may be unoccupied;
  • even when it is only minor works responsible for the building being temporarily unoccupied – such as refitting a bathroom or kitchen, for example – you are still likely to want a level of insurance cover that protects against such potentially costly risks as flooding, theft and malicious damage;
  • by the same token, if the building works are major, we have insurers still prepared to offer comprehensive cover for your property whilst it is temporarily unoccupied;
  • conventionally, property owner’s liability cover (also known as public liability cover) is offered at a standard limit of claims up to £2 million, but some of our providers are able to extend this limit to as much as £5 million;
  • some of our customers may have a poor credit history, or even county court judgements or bankruptcy recorded against their names, but for certain of our providers this is no obstacle to securing the cover needed;
  • whatever your type of building – even if it is non-conventional construction, a listed building or divided into individual flats – we are still able to offer unoccupied buildings insurance;
  • even if your past record shows a number of high value claims, or you have made several claims in the past few years, some of our providers are still content to offer cover;
  • similarly, where properties have a past record of flooding, subsidence, landslip or heave, this may prove no obstacle to many of our providers – this may prove invaluable since some agencies, including the Citizens Advice Bureau , recognise that finding cover for property which have suffered such problems in the past might be difficult.

Our sole aim is to identify exactly the most appropriate unoccupied property cover to suit your particular needs and circumstances by matching these to one or more of the many providers with whom we do business. You may find that our experience and expertise in this regard not only ensures that you secure the right level of insurance, but that it is also offered at a competitive price.

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