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Landlord Insurance

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Landlord insurance

Being a landlord can quickly become an expensive business, especially if you haven’t got the right insurance cover for your property. There’s plenty that can go wrong at any time, so it’s essential to have the right level of landlord insurance.

Whether your property is a large detached house or an apartment, you’re going to need landlord insurance. Here at UKinsuranceNET, we can help you find the best policy. Our quotes are based on competitively priced products that are tailored to your specific needs.

Do I need landlord insurance?

A landlord insurance policy is made up of a number of features. These include buildings insurance, financial protection against loss of rent, and accidental damage cover can also be added.

It isn’t compulsory but you’ll find that mortgage lenders insist that a requirement of any buy-to-let mortgage arrangement is that you need to take out landlord insurance for your buy-to-let property.

Landlord insurance is used as a safeguard for your property, together with any contents you own in it. It also helps you to defend yourself against the various liabilities that come with the responsibilities of a landlord.

What does landlord insurance cover?

Landlord buildings insurance

One of the most important aspects of a policy, the buildings insurance, protects the bricks and mortar of your property.

Fires, flooding, and storm damage are just some of the issues that landlords deal with on a daily basis.

Any one of these could result in serious damage to the property or in a worst-case scenario, complete destruction.

Landlord liability insurance

Public liability is something that should always be taken into account. Liability insurance can be added to a policy and is usually a requirement if you’re offering student housing.

This will cover you against tenants (and members of the public) who try and pursue a claim against you for an incident that happened on your property.

Landlord contents insurance

Another vital piece of cover is landlord contents insurance. This is definitely something you’ll want to look into if your property is rented fully or partially furnished.

Landlord contents insurance protects all of the items inside the property from theft and damage, including carpets, sofas, beds and televisions. 

You can also add cover for accidental damage, which is something that student housing properties can potentially benefit from. Accidents like spillages and breakages can be covered depending on the circumstance and cover.

Landlord loss of rent insurance

If you’ve taken out a mortgage on a property and you’re relying on rent to cover your monthly payments, loss of rent cover is an important layer of protection.

If the property you own becomes uninhabitable from an insured peril, financial assistance could be available

Landlord home emergency cover

A gas leak, break in or burst pipe is a nightmare in a rented property, and it can happen at any time. Home emergency cover ensures that a fully qualified tradesman is on hand to answer any emergency call outs 24/7, 365 days a year.

A policy for home emergency cover will usually cover labour, materials and call-out charges. The limit for these types of claims is usually up to £500.

What you need to know when buying landlord insurance

Some insurers will offer separate types of cover and some simply bundle them together into one policy. It isn’t wise to choose the cheapest quote on the market. But don’t worry, some of the different policies we’ve listed aren’t as expensive as they seem.

Taking into account the adequate rebuilding value of your property and the furnishings, renting them out to complete strangers could potentially be very risky.

Why choose UKinsuranceNET?

At UKinsuranceNET, we arrange cover for all types of residential and commercial properties.

We have 20 years of experience in arranging landlord insurance policies, and we have a team of advisers who are ready to provide you with a quote.

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