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Home Insurance for Landlords

There are many types of landlord – from those who take the conscious decision to set up a buy to let business to those who become a landlord almost by accident.

You might decide to let out your own home to tenants for a while – because you have a short-term contract overseas, or because you are awaiting its eventual sale after moving house. Whether you are such an accidental landlord or one in the business for the long term, you still need to give thought to home insurance for landlords.

Why do you need home insurance for landlords?

The moment tenants move into your home, its use immediately changes from one providing a place of residence for its owner, to one which is let to tenants – and earning an income into the bargain.

In other words, a let property is effectively a business asset, with an income stream driven by rents.

Because of this change of use, the risks to which the property is exposed also change.

Since insurance is about the assessment of risks, that is why you need home insurance for landlords. Indeed, if you attempt to rely upon the standard home insurance which may have protected your property before it was let to tenants, you are likely to find that any claim may be rejected by your insurers.

What you need to know when buying cover

What you need to know, of course, is how landlord’s insurance differs from standard home insurance and just what is covered:

  • the building and any contents you own – cover for these is something shared by both forms of insurance, with the total building sum insured needing to cover site clearance and reconstruction costs in the event of the worst case leading to a total loss:
  • landlord liability insurance – as a landlord you have a duty of care towards your tenants, their visitors and members of the public to take all reasonable precautions against their being injured or suffering damage to their property, so this liability insurance indemnifies you against such (potentially very substantial) claims;
  • loss of rental income – a further valuable protection is offered through the provision of compensation for lost rental income in the event that your let home become temporarily uninhabitable, and rent cannot be collected, following a major insured incident.

Why choose us?

At UKinsuranceNET we offer quality solutions to all of these landlords’ needs – yet at a price you are also likely to find very price competitive.

Some policies may even include additional extras you might not enjoy with other insurance plans – such as free cover for the property you own in communal areas of the home you let.

Furthermore, attractive discounts are available if you choose to insure an entire portfolio of two or more properties, together with further reductions in the cost of the premiums you pay once you have accumulated any no claims discount.