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Landlords Insurance for DSS or Unemployed Tenants

Running a buy to let business these days has many a challenge – whether you consciously became a landlord of a dedicated enterprise or found yourself to be more or less an “accidental” landlord.

Becoming a successful landlord of course relies upon your securing the appropriate tenants to occupy your let property. When it comes to selecting and signing up tenants, the wider you cast your net, the more likely you are to maintain that all-important income stream from rental income and minimise the risk dreaded by practically every landlord, the tenancy void.

The inclusion of tenants in receipt of DSS benefits may help you to do just that.

Why do you need landlord insurance for DSS tenants?

One of the essential overheads in running any buy to let business is insurance of the property, its contents and the risks to which your enterprise is exposed. This is landlord insurance.

What might not be immediately apparent, however, is that some insurers restrict the categories or classes of tenant to whom you may let your property, whilst maintaining the cover you need.

If you are to maximise potential lettings of your property in order to include tenants who may be in receipt of benefits, therefore, you are likely to need the specialist form of cover granted by landlord insurance for DSS tenants.

What you need to know when buying cover

What you need to know when buying any form of insurance is the extent to which it meets your particular needs and circumstances. Landlord insurance is no different.

It is important to establish:

  • whether there is any restriction on the types or classes of tenant you may sign up to occupy your property;
  • the total sum insured for the building and its contents – and whether this includes cover for the risk of malicious damage caused by tenants themselves;
  • the level of property owner’s insurance or landlord liability cover that is included in your policy – to guard against potentially very expensive claims alleging your negligence following the personal injury or damage to the property of one of your tenants, a visitor or a member of the public; and
  • the level of compensation to which you may be entitled if the property becomes temporarily impossible for occupation by your tenants because of an insured event.

Why choose us?

Because at UKinsuranceNET we are specialists in the provision of landlord insurance for DSS tenants.

What does that mean?

It means that we understand your specific and individual needs as the landlord of let property and, in this instance, the reluctance of some insurers to extend cover if your accommodation is going to be let to those in receipt of DSS benefits.

We understand your likely need or even preference for tenancy agreements with those in receipt of DSS benefits and are able to bring our expertise and experience towards identifying those insurers who are entirely happy to take on any of the particular risks which that might involve.

Our objective in doing just that is to ensure that you obtain the insurance cover you need as a landlord, at as competitive a price as possible.