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Landlord Insurance for Owner Living in France

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According to a recent report by the BBC, some 200,000 Brits have chosen to live in France. Some have gone there to retire, some have gone there to sample a different way of life for a number of years, and some are there simply to work.

Many of those expatriates may still have a property back home in the UK – either to keep a second home to which they might ultimately return, or, perhaps more frequently, as an investment property which continues to appreciate in capital value, whilst all the time generating a steady income from the receipt of rents.

If you fall into this latter category, then an important aspect of your buy to let business in the UK is landlord insurance for an owner living in France.

Why do you need landlord insurance for an owner living in France?

If you own property that you intend to let to tenants in the UK, you are by definition a landlord – consciously setting up your own business as such, or by becoming an “accidental” landlord almost as an afterthought.

However you might have fallen into the role of landlord, though, a crucial way of protecting and safeguarding your financial interest in the let property is landlord insurance for an owner living in France.

You need this specialist form of insurance because the home building and contents insurance with which you might be accustomed as an owner-occupier is inappropriate if the property you own is being used as a buy to let business asset.

It is inappropriate because insurers take the view that a property which forms such an integral part of your business enterprise faces risks of a different order and magnitude to those faced by an owner-occupied home.

What you need to know when buying cover

What you need to know when buying this type of cover, therefore, relates to the ways in which it may help to safeguard not just the property you own, but also the business you are running from it:

  • as far as the building and its contents are concerned, therefore, you may need insurance which protects against such major risks as fire, flooding, storm damage, impacts, vandalism and theft;
  • two of the bonuses in arranging such cover through us here at UKinsuranceNET are the possibility of securing free cover for any of your contents in communal use and the inclusion of cover for malicious damage caused by your tenants as a standard feature of many policies;
  • you also need to know that you are adequately covered for claims alleging your negligence as a landlord – even though you are living in France – in the event of a tenant, a visitor or a member of the public suffering a personal injury or having their property damaged;
  • landlord insurance for owners living in France also typically includes provision for compensation in the event of loss of rental income following a major insured event – when the property may become untenantable.

Why choose us?

There are a number of reasons for choosing us here at UKinsuranceNET for your landlord insurance needs.

First and foremost, perhaps, is our sheer experience in arranging cover for landlords – wherever they may be living at the time. Together with our distinctly personal touch in the way your cover is tailored to your needs, is the sheer simplicity and speed with which it may be arranged and put in place with immediate effect.