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Guaranteed rent for up to £2,500 a month
Additional £50,000 towards legal expenses
Pursuit of Rent Arrears
Premiums from £165.00 per annum
Also provides legal expenses for eviction costs
Underwritten by RSA

We now offer again Landlords Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee Insurance that can protect landlord’s rental income and help with Legal Expenses if a tenant should default on their payments. Policies include Legal Expense cover towards costs incurred in issuing proceedings against a tenant or guarantor. Our Policy will provide cover for the following:

✓ Breach of Tenancy Agreement: Pursuit following a breach by the tenant of any of their obligations under the tenancy agreement.

✓ Pursuit of Rent Arrears: The pursuit of rent arrears which commenced during the period of insurance.

✓ Eviction: The eviction of anyone in the property without your permission.

✓ Legal Defence: The defence of civil or criminal proceedings in respect of any act or omission by you arising from your ownership or management of the property.

✓ Rent Arrears Guarantee: Rent arrears owned by the tenant.


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