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UK Buildings Insurance

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UK Buildings Insurance

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UK Building Insurance

If you have a home in the UK but are now living abroad whether as a lifestyle choice or for work, you will want to make sure that you have adequate insurance to protect your property. UK building insurance for Expats is something that is available, and may offer you the protection you need whether the property is unoccupied or rented out.

Landlord’s insurance

If you have tenants in your UK property but you are living abroad, it can be a worry for a number of reasons. First of all, you aren’t there. You are so many hundreds or thousands of miles away. There is the issue of what happens is there is a fire, flood or something else that causes severe damage to your property, so make sure you have a valid landlords insurance policy in place.

Without UK building insurance for Expats, you could find yourself funding the repair of any damage (and even rebuilding costs) out of your own pocket. Could you afford to do this?

Secondly, if you have tenants, there is always the risk of damage (accidental or otherwise) to the fixtures and furnishings, as well as the risk that they make vacate the property without paying the rent.

Another issue to consider if that of liability. As a landlord, it may make sense to have public liability insurance in order to protect you in the event of a claim from a third party (such as a tenant or other visitor who has been injured or experienced loss or damage due to being on your premises).

And if you employ people to go on your premises (such as a cleaner), typically but not always you may need employers’ liability insurance. This protects both your employees and you in the event of a claim made by them against you as a result of suffering from injury or damage to themselves or something they own while in your property.

Getting properly protected against such events is possible with UK building insurance for Expats cover. Policy features and benefits may vary (eg some policies may include employers’ liability insurance as standard, others will have it as optional), so do check what the cover entails to ensure that it gives you what you need.

Unoccupied cover

Of course, you may not rent your UK property out while you are abroad – you may leave it standing unoccupied – but you will still need to have adequate protection in place. Getting UK building insurance for Expats may often be difficult due to the potential risks involved with a property that is not occupied. This is due possibly because things can unnoticed – as an example, where a small leak could potentially cause a huge amount of damage when left to run its course.