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Block of flats insurance

270-block of flats

Block of Flats policies

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270-block of flats

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  • No claims discount
  • Let properties acceptable
  • Fixtures and fittings included as standard
  • Employers and property owners liability included
  • Most tenant types acceptable
  • Terrorism cover available

Block of flats insurance

 If you own an entire block of flats, you are likely to do so as a freeholder – you have outright ownership not just of the building and its individual flats, but also the land on which the block is built.

Arranging block of flats insurance is likely to involve the twin aspects of:

Safeguarding the physical structure and fabric of the block and each flat within it; and

Protecting the business that depends on your generating an income from the rents you receive from leaseholders or tenants of individual flats.

Why do you need block of flats insurance?

The block you own is vulnerable to all manner of risks and perils – some of which have the potential for leading to the complete devastation of the entire building – and which include loss or damage from:

  • explosions, earthquakes and fires;

  • flooding of the ground floors and any basement;

  • storm damage;

  • impacts from falling trees, aircraft or vehicles;

  • escape of water;

  • smoke damage;

  • vandalism and theft.

Central to any form of block of flats insurance, therefore, is likely to be cover protecting the structure and fabric of the building against loss or damage. Typically, this may also extend to insurance for the fixtures and fitting you have installed in the property.

The insurance may also provide valuable protection for the very continuation of your business as a landlord. These safeguards might include:

  • public liability insurance – to indemnify you and your business against claims from tenants, visitors or members of the public who allege that your duty of care as the landlord or owner of the flats has resulted in their being injured or suffering damage to their property;

  • employer’s liability insurance – cover which you are legally required to hold (in all but a few rare instances) if you employ others to help run or administer the block of flats; and

  • compensation for loss of rental income – if a major insured event results in the whole or part of the block becoming temporarily unusable and rental income being disrupted as a consequence.

What you need to know when buying cover

The most important features to know about your block of flats insurance is just what is covered – and, as importantly, what is not. This includes the level of cover you arrange and the total sums insured under each heading – the total building sum insured, for instance, needs to anticipate the worst case scenario in which there is a complete loss and the site needs to be cleared and the block reconstructed from scratch.

It is important to take heed of any conditions and restrictions imposed by your insurer, since a failure to do so may result in your “contributory negligence” reducing the value of any claim you make – or, indeed, it being rejected altogether.

Why choose us?

Insuring an entire block of flats gives you the opportunity to enjoy the economies of scale and discounts compared to insuring each unit separately.