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Empty Property Insurance


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When others won't insure, there is empty property insurance

Some things can be a real give-away: the dislodged or fallen roof tiles; an un-repaired broken window pane; an overgrown garden; or the beginnings of fly-tipping on some border of the property. These can all be quite obvious indications that someone's home is unoccupied. And an unoccupied home needs a particular category of insurance called empty property insurance. UKinsuranceNET are reputedly the UK's leading broker for landlord insurance & unoccupied insurance.

All about Empty Property Insurance

Empty property insurance is called for if only because most standard forms of buildings and contents home insurance tends to exclude many of the risks after the home has been unoccupied for longer than 30 days or considers the cover to have lapsed after such a period. Our range of policies can provide cover for properties that are permanently unoccupied, awaiting tenant and undergoing building works or other renovations.

There can be very good reasons why a property remains empty. Perhaps the former owner has died, for example, and the estate has yet to arrange its sale. The current owners might have moved on to another home and are still trying to sell the empty property (and in today's housing market, this is by no means an unusual state of affairs). The property might be uninhabitable while it is undergoing renovation, repairs or refurbishment, or, if it is a let property, it might be waiting re-letting and the arrival of new tenants. Although this would require buy to let insurance.

Although there are very good reasons for the property to remain vacant, therefore, there are more reasons than ever why it needs to be adequately insured. And if the providers of standard forms of cover are not interested, then this is the time to call in the empty property insurance specialists. These providers know that an empty property is especially prone to deterioration. They know that it does not take very long before the first few signs of the property being un lived-in can all too quickly give the appearance of it being abandoned. One small thing leads to another and in no time at all the property takes on all the appearance of being derelict.

Of course, there are measures that even the insurers of empty property will expect the owners to take in order to prevent such a slide into disrepair. Minor repairs - such as those fallen tiles or broken windows - should be undertaken, not only to avoid the obvious advertisement that the building is occupied, but also to prevent further damage to the structure of the building as a result. Similarly, the garden and surroundings of any building should be kept clear of rubbish, not only to prevent further fly-tipping, but to reduce the risk of fire.

Inside the house, another obvious and common sign that it is unoccupied is the accumulation of mail, especially junk-mail. This needs to be removed from prying eyes and is a further reason for regular inspections (say, two or three times a month) of the empty property. Mains services such as gas, electricity and water should also be shut down.

With these simple precautions in place, there are a number of insurance providers who now offer empty property insurance when standard cover is in danger of lapsing or proving inadequate for the owner's needs.