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If you own a property that will be vacant to over 30 days, your current standard or commercial insurance policy may not cover you. This could cause unexpected costs. This is one of the most common reasons for invalid policies so make sure you consider your options before leaving the property or you could face costs or your cover being greatly reduced to a basic level. If your property is currently vacant or you expect a period when the property will be vacant let us know and we will ensure that we recommend a policy that can provide cover whilst unoccupied and also while occupied.

Insurers normally agree to continue cover for two or to three months but with some conditions applying. But insurers usually reduce their cover - removing for instance water damage, malicious damage, and even contents theft.

Specialist vacant property insurance can provide much better cover. They will insure vacant buildings with full cover. An unoccupied building policy usually does not cover contents, only fixtures and fittings.

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