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Home Insurance Unoccupied

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Home Insurance Unoccupied

Home insurance for unoccupied property is a specialist form of cover. You may need it to step in whenever you are leaving your home unoccupied for a month or more.

Some of the more common reasons for your home – whether your own residence or a property you have bought to let as the landlord – include:

  • the property might be in the course of building works for an extension or remodelling;
  • your job might require you to work away from home, or even abroad, for several months at a time;
  • the property might be subject to probate, pending a formal transfer of ownership; or
  • let property might lie “void” as one set of tenants leave and before a new tenancy begins.

Why do you need home insurance for unoccupied property?

When you read the small print of your existing home insurance or landlord insurance policy, you are likely to find that the level of cover you enjoy whilst the premises are in continuous occupation is drastically reduced once it has been left empty for 30 or 60 consecutive days – the exact period varying from one insurance policy to another.

Once the property has been vacated in this way, some insurers may even consider the policy to have lapsed altogether.

Lifting insurance cover, of course, does not make the risks and perils facing the unoccupied property simply go away – indeed, an empty property may face even more risk of loss or damage.

This might come through relatively minor maintenance issues which blow up into major incidents unless they are discovered and attended to at an early stage, or the fatal attraction which an unoccupied property seems to hold for vandals, squatters and other undesirable intruders.

It because of increased risks such as these that the standard insurance on your home is likely to be severely curtailed and for just that reason that you need home insurance for unoccupied property.

What you need to know when buying cover

The first thing you are likely to want to know about this alternative, replacement form of insurance is the level of cover it offers. What risks and perils are included and what are excluded.

You may also wish to know the total building sum insured, since this needs to be sufficient for the complete reconstruction of the building in the event of a total loss.

Nevertheless, it may still be possible to choose between basic level empty property insurance and more comprehensive cover.

Why choose us?

If you want specialist advice on what might sometimes prove difficult cover to arrange, you are likely to find the unoccupied property insurance you need – and at a competitive price – here at UKinsuranceNET.

Payment options include instalment plans and we are able to arrange both building and contents for your unoccupied property and even cover the risk of malicious damage to the same.

We have expertise, experience and a proven track record in securing for our customers suitable insurance at a great price.