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Unoccupied Insurance FAQ

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Unoccupied Insurance is designed for the owners of properties that are likely to be vacant on a long term basis. It will cover the property and yourself in the event of certain financial losses.

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Standard Home Insurance or Landlords Insurance Policies will usually only allow a property to be unoccupied for a limited amount of time. Usually between 30 and 90 days, and the cover offered may be restricted or reduced. Therefore, if your property is likely to be unoccupied long term you will require an Unoccupied Policy.

If your property has been not been occupied for over 30 days it will not be covered by its usual home insurance. This is because of the increased risks, you will need a specialised unoccupied insurance policy which you get with UKinsuranceNET.

All of our insurers offer 12 month policies. However if your circumstances change mid-term and the property becomes occupied or is sold, call us and we can adjust or cancel the cover accordingly. Alternatively, we may be able to offer a policy with the premium payable monthly by bank direct debit. You only pay for the number of days insurance that you use with this insurance policy.

Unoccupied properties come with increased risks than a regular occupied property due to the fact it cannot be looked after to the standards of a occupied property. They are far more likely to suffer from vandals and water damage.

Depending on the length of time which the property is going to be unoccupied, your cover will vary. For example, if the property is undergoing major works we may only be able to offer insurance cover against Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Aircraft. If the property is unoccupied for other reasons, such as the owner being in care, the property being on the market to sell, or the property is undergoing minor works, we will usually be able to offer a choice of basic or comprehensive cover.

Common terms applied include:

  • Higher excesses could be applicable. Standard excess is normally £150.
  • Theft cover is normally excluded unless theft is by forcible and or violent entry.
  • Personal possession cover would normally be excluded.
  • It is usually a requirement that the water system in the property is drained down or alternatively the heating is left on at a minimum level, such as 15 degrees.
  • It usually a condition that the property needs to be inspected at least once a week.
  • All security at the property such as window locks, doors etc must be fully operational.
  • Full details of cover including policy terms and conditions is available via the online quote and buy process.

All policies are different, you should check your documents. A few common exclusions include:

Unforced entry- Leaving doors unlocked or someone accessing the property with keys leading to loss or damage.

Structural repairs- If you are having work sch as extensions done on your property, you will need specialist Extension Insurance so your standard home insurance policy will not cover these damages.

Contractors- Normally contractors have their own insurance, so your policy will not cover their damages.

We can tailor policies to suit your circumstances so that you are covered while at home or away. Get an online quote or give us a call to clear up any of your circumstances.

We provide specialist renovation insurance to ensure that you are covered for the risks that come with a renovation.

A lot of our policies do already come with property owners liability insurance however you will have to check your policy details to be sure. You can give us a call and arrange the extra cover if you would like it included.

Give us a call or apply online and explain/detail the circumstances in which they have declined to cover you and we will do our best to arrange cover for you. Please be completely honest in your application as any misleading information or inaccurate information may invalidate a claim.

This request is not unusual, normally we are able to arrange insurance depending on the sum insured and other underwriting criteria. Please contact us to discuss further.

Yes, we will consider all types of property undergoing renovation and conversion including properties having structural work completed.

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