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With headquarters in the City of London – but offices throughout the EU, US, Bermuda, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia – Amlin is a specialty insurer and reinsurer claiming more than 100 years of international experience.

Its varied international portfolio is underpinned by its own underwriting syndicate at Lloyds of London (Syndicate 2001), and its European subsidiaries Amlin AG and Amlin Europe N.V.

Amlin’s principal lines of business are marine and aviation, property and casualty, and reinsurance (all lines), which cover 30 different classes of business.

Landlord insurance

The extent and scope of landlord insurance varies from one insurer to another, but typically covers the following principal areas of risk:

  • loss or damage to the structure and fabric of the let property itself – with the total sum insured designed to cover the possible need for complete rebuilding following a major incident;

  • cover for loss or damage to the landlord’s contents of the insured property;

  • landlord’s liability indemnity – to protect against claims brought by tenants, their visitors, neighbours or members of the public who have been injured or suffered damage to their own property through contact with your insured dwelling; and

  • the option for compensation for loss of rental income in the event of a major insured incident which leaves the premises temporarily unlettable.

Amlin landlord insurance

Amlin landlord insurance forms part and parcel of its wider Home Advantage Insurance policy.

Notable features of this policy include:

  • Automatic inclusion of a further 25% of the total building sum insured to cover the professional and local authority fees payable if the building needs to be reconstructed;

  • trace and access cover prior to the repair of oil or water leaks is included as standard – up to a maximum amount of £10,000 or £5,000 for outside buildings;

  • claims involving loss or damage to landlord’s contents are settled on the basis of full replacement value, without any deduction for wear and tear;

  • property owner’s and landlord liability insurance covers claims of up to £5 million (more than the £1 million maximum offered by some other insurers); and

  • compensation for loss of rental income – or the cost of alternative accommodation – following an insured event that leaves the let property temporarily uninhabitable, up to an amount representing 25% of the total building sum insured.

Landlord insurance from Amlin therefore offers a wide-ranging level of protection for landlords, including elements of cover that may not be provided by other insurers.