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Archive for 2019

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First-time buyers in the dark

Recent research cited by Property Reporter recently suggests that around a half of all first-time buyers are either confused or completely ignorant about the various schemes that are available to help

29 November 2019
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House prices: a modest rise

The past 12 months have seen only a modest rise in average house prices across the country – but at least it has been an increase and not the backward step that some commentators might have envisaged.

22 November 2019
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The tenant who cost his landlord £30,000

A landlord in Warrington, Cheshire, is calling it a day on his business after a rogue tenant has left him more than a staggering £30,000 out of pocket, relates a story in Landlord Today on the 12th of

19 November 2019
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Confronting criminal landlords

The relentless increase in legislation and regulations designed to manage the private rented sector means that local councils need ever-increasing funds to confront rogue landlords.

14 November 2019
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Being fleeced on the freehold

We recently highlighted some of the pitfalls faced by owners who had bought the leasehold of their homes. We likened their plight to the notorious mis-selling of payment protection insurance policies

14 November 2019
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Supply down, rents up

It’s the basic law of supply and demand – when supply goes down, prices go up. That is exactly what is happening in the private rental market at the moment, explained Landlord Today...

12 November 2019
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What are your tenants up to?

Like many a landlord, you might often worry about quite what your tenants might be up to. You cannot keep a close check on them all of the time, of course – and neither does your typical tenant usuall

04 November 2019
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